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  1. 9/27/09 - 100th Post

    100 Posts
    Jean Phillipe Rameau - Tristes Apprets, Pales Flambeaux

  2. 9/29/09 - Musical Moods


    [FONT=georgia,serif]Musical Moods[/FONT]


    [FONT=georgia,serif]Avril 14th & Jynweythek Ylow[/FONT]

    [FONT=georgia,serif]by Aphex Twin[/FONT]

  3. 9/29/09 - Moonlight Nights - Giselle

    Moonlight Nights
    Svetlana Zakharova and Roberto Bolle
    Act II, Grande Pas de Deux


  4. 10/1/09 - Please Read

    Please Read!
    All listeners of
    Classical Selections to Enjoy:

    I apologize for not uploading as much to the thread.
    For some reason, the forum server is acting really slow, and it takes to long to post threads with links/pictures, etc.
    Please follow the link in the bottom of my signature to the official webpage of CSE until everything has been cleared up.

  5. Mademoiselle NearertoGod,

    How about a thread about Classical Paintings? Or is there one already? I know very little about art :smiley110: but I'm really interested. You could post a painting and give some comments. But of course, that's only a suggestion :smiley10:

    Have a nice day!
  6. Monsieur John_Jervis,

    Ha ha, I think we were sharing brain waves or something, because I was just thinking the same thing!

    I will be glad to post a art related thread online, or somewhere around here.

    I will teach you guys lots. :smiley100:



  7. Au contraire Mademoiselle NTG, you are a frenchie but I am a loyal subject of England! Joke! Hehe :smiley10:

    And I so have a lot of questions!
  8. Oui, Monsieur, I am Français, but the Anglais are allies to us...and so you are!

    And so I have a lot of answers. Hopefully...:smiley100:
  9. 10/3/09 - French Baroque

    Jean Baptiste-Lully

  10. 10/4/09 - Grand Pas Paquita

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]Painting by Edgar Degas[/FONT]


    Grand Pas
    Please Copy and Paste into URL to view links









  11. 10/4/09 - Vivaldi Concertos

    Vivaldi Selections
    3 Concertos

  12. [​IMG]


    Piano Concerto No.9

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  13. [​IMG]
    Eliza Ridgely Scully


    Concerto for Harp and Flute


  14. 10/4/09 - Handel

    Harp Concerto in B-Flat Major
    HWV 294

  15. 10/4/09 - Music from the Movies

    Girl with a Pearl Earring
    Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Composed by Alexandre Desplat

    Vermeer: Girl with a Pearl Earring

    Sometimes movie soundtracks feature beautiful music. Girl with a Pearl Earring had an exquisite classical soundtrack that fit the sensual, quiet mood of the movie.

  16. 10/4/09 - Piano Classics

    Für Elise

    Edmund Charles Tarbell

  17. 10/5/09 - Passion

    György Ligeti
    Études N.II
    Cordes à vide


  18. NearertoGod I have been away for a while Wow so much beautiful Music to catch up on thank you sister ..... love Jane


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