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  1. Does anyone know any good methods for a 'chill out' session?

    I have had, by far the most stressful day in my life (well...almost).

    Need to de-stress.

    Help please...:cry:
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  2. Run a bath and soak.
    Watch the Sound of Music and make popcorn.
    Go to the beach and walk on the sand.
    Do some gardening.
    Lie in a hammock and ask your loved one to massage and wash your feet.
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  3. Ask God to give you the peace that passeth all understanding.
    praise the Lord that you got through today in one piece.
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  4. Top one sounds good - bottom one I'm single and the rest (its the evening here in the UK)

    P.S. I'm about 100 miles away from the beach. :(
  5. Put some blues music on. For Christian blues, my favorite is Glenn Kaiser. Search for him on youtube. He does a slowed down version of "I'll Fly Away" which is exquisite, "Since I laid my burdens down" is great, and the whole album of "Trimmed and Burned" is awesome! Just said a prayer for ya.
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  6. Thank you @Big Moose, I appreciate it.
    I will look into those artists when I finally get home.
    Haven't listened to a good piece of blues in ages. :whistle:
  7. I like, I like.
  8. Did someone say Popcorn!!!? (Twice?) I have a vice. I praise God for the American indians and their popcorn!

    Hello, I'm Abdicate, and I'm an addict - to popcorn!

    I've had it no less than once a week since I was five... I'm almost 48.
  10. That sounds like an introduction to PA (popcornolics anonymous)
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  11. We have a family movie night every Saturday, with air-popped popcorn slathered in real butter and sea salt. Bestest ever. Only thing is that it's hard to find another air popper like the one we have, a Black and Decker. They stopped making them years ago, which is a shame since it's the best design. I'll try and find a photo.
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  12. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.


    Oh, and also Netflix and maybe pizza.
  13. My husband has a cereal bowl sized portion every night as he watches tv. No microwave popcorn. I make it on top of the gas stove using a pot, olive oil, and a little butter.
  14. I live on the coast for the ocean, and it's why I moved here. I can't get enough of the sounds of the water, whether it's by the beach or by the jetties. When I need to relax, I listen to a nature sound CD of the ocean waves, big and small. Try this on YouTube. There are other sounds as well, some with music in he background if you like that version. I prefer pure nature with no distractions. I also love the sound of rain, and thunder as long as it doesn't sound dangerously close.
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  15. Well Brother I just took the advice of every one in here and put it all together and came up with this........ m1tPi33h.jpg
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  16. Cinderella8 Hello.
    I agree totally and I am looking forward to the day we move onto the Trawler as full time live a boards. I was born almost on the ocean and I can not think of any other place other then Heaven that I would call home....
    Have a wonderful and blessed week end
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  17. When i need to de-stress i get my mp3's or dvd's out and listen to the Word. It's very rejuvinating. Blessings and prayers to you for a peaceful night
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  18. Very hard workout removes stress and/or sauna.
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  19. Yeah, Glenn Kaiser, formerly of the Resurrection band. Saw them and Petra several times back in the 80's.
    Sometimes if I'm stressing out, I'll concentrate on slowing my breathing while sitting in a comfortable chair, or lying down, but sometimes I fall asleep if lying down. Oh, and here is a good one that always cheers me up, I make funny faces in a mirror. I know, it sounds strange, but I crack my self up and start LOL.
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  20. Sit outside and watch my horses :) most relaxing thing I could imagine, they take away any stress or pain!!! So maybe you don't have horses but any animal is very calm!

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