Changing the way you think.

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  1. Have you had the way you think changed? What does changing the way you think mean?

    Romans 12:2 Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect. NLT

    What thinking do you need to change? How will you let go of this thinking?
  2. The Greek is anakainōsis
    which is defined by Strongs:
    a renewal, renovation, complete change for the better
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  3. I did. I was a huge and strong believe about Rome being the end time religion, but I see now it's Islam. So many things that just didn't fit all the verses about the ET until I learned what Islam teaches and it all clicked in amazing fashion. I'm shocked when the information (or even the idea of it) is presented to others the amount of opposition I see...It's amazing and very sad.

    To allow Romans 12 to succeed one must have a teachable heart. Those that think they know everything about the word of God or even about God are Pharisees of heart and will never get it. They'll remain in their ignorance until He comes or they die...They are those that took their talent and hid it in the ground.
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  4. Agreed!

    For many years I was told and taught that divorced men could not serve the Lord as Deacons and Pastors, no matter what.
    After much prayer and study I have come to the conclusion that what I was told was not Biblically sound and I have changed 360 degrees on this subject.
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  5. There are so many things about which I've had to change the way I think. I'm sure there'll be many more changes to come. I only have comparatively limited experience of it, but I do know that as we go on in our pathway, near to the Lord Jesus, then changes come. Over time, things that used to matter a great deal to me seem much less important, and other things have become increasingly important. The more time we spend with Him, the more we're aligned with Him, sharing His interests. I believe that's absolutely vital to practically walking in a way which is pleasing to Him: being in nearness to Him. In the world there are so many opinions being put about, and increasingly Christendom is requiring a "Thus saith the Lord" as proof that He cares what we do or don't do about any particular thing, while on the other hand there's systematised error holding people in bondage. The only way we can cut a straight furrow through that lot is to be near to the Lord and attentive to His word. That does involve change, with me, because my opinions or habits (and even the opinions and habits of the brethren) may not be right. Change must come. I must decrease, He must increase.
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    Shoot God totally has had to help me erase so many stinking thinking thoughts and ways that developed, and religious beliefs that were not actually in the Bible, and now everyday I am working on retraining and renewing my mind with the truth of God's Word. The best way of changing my old thoughts is to renew my mind with the Word. To be consistent and constantly reading and meditating and studying on what God has said in His Word. Then as i do that the bad thinking goes unfed (as long as i choose to take it captive like 2 Corinthians 10:5 says to, and not allow myself to be lazy, and untrained).

    As we immerse ourselves in the Word and become doers of the Word...then the changes take place by the washing of the water of the Word. But if we don't act by faith on the new information, and we don't meditate on it or water the seeds of the Word then no changes will be solidly planted in our spirits and the devil will find a way to steal what was planted (mark 4).

    Making Christ Lord must be an everyday thing and really honestly a lifestyle of applying the truth of the Word to our everyday lives. Making our lives submit to the Word or allowing the Word of God to define everything that we do, instead of the Word having to take second place to our lives. We think about the Word and then adjust our lives accordingly. Not the other way around.

    Blessings of grace and peace be yours in abundance
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  7. Our pastor was preaching on a theme of detours in life. He used the story of Ruth and Naomi and the detour of life which occurred to them. They were affected by overwhelming change of moving the family then death of Naomi's husband, and then the sons of Naomi, the husbands of Ruth and Orpah. Decisions had to be made, Orpah stayed in her country, Ruth went with Naomi. What a difference that one decision made for Ruth as opposed to Orpah.
    What a change in thinking to realize you were worshiping a false god, and decide to cling to a mother-in-law who lost her husband and sons. Most people might think her to be cursed or bad luck and take off.
    Oh to change your thinking from what man's wisdom is and to walk away from self preservation.
    I guess you would call that "changing faith", faith which changes who you are.
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  8. Changing the way you think is without God almost, if not impossible.
    "Be ye transformed by the renewal of your minds"

    The heart has been renewed ,transformed from" a child of disobedience" to a child of God.
    But the mind we have to be also willing to let God change our thinking and perceptions of things.Of the world ,ourselves ,others and above all of God.
    People of often say that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was put there so that man was given a choice. Between good and evil.
    Not so .
    For god did NOT give them a choice either to do good or evil.
    The choice he gave them was "Of ALL the trees in the garden you may freely eat"
    Thus every tree "that was GOOD to eat" they could choose to eat from. This included the tree of life .
    The only tree they were not given the choice to eat was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. For in the day ye eat thereof ye shall surely die .
    That tree then was evil to eat . He gave them no liberty to do evil. and to die .
    For is it not written? "Man shall not live by every tree that was good to eat alone ,but by that word that proceeded form his mouth as to what was good and what was evil to eat. " and by that word they lived. It was the rejection of that word and the embracing of the word of the serpent that they died .
    If you reject the truth , you will believe the lie and once you believe the lie you will become blind to the truth .
    Thus she SAW that the tree was good to eat. and she reasoned thus ;"it would make her wise"
    Mans perception then of what is good and what si evil is perverse and he does what is right or good in his own eyes .
    His reasoning is also darkened so that his mind cannot 'reason' correctly as it should .
    Thus once they had eaten of that tree and done evil in the sight of God they no longer had a choice or the liberty to eat of the tree of life .
    Man simply chooses that which is right or good in his own eyes .and while he may know what si good with his mind he has not the liberty to do it but rather does that which is contrary .Even as Paul lays out in Romans .
    The Bible which is the BODY of truth in of and by itself cannot change a mans thinking without the Spirit of truth .
    For "the letter killeth" The Bible ;without the Spirit in of and by itself convicts man of his sin and simply shows how far he is off the mark ,convicts him of sin and teaches and proves beyond doubt how lost man is from the history and testimony of the Jews and of over 4000 year record .
    If you have but the Word of God you dry up.
    If you have but the Spirit of God you blow up.
    If you have the Word of God and the Spirit of God you grow up.

    The Bible ,the Word of God is how our minds can be renewed.
    God has not changed .
    We need to get back to what was Gods will even in the beginning.
    When we are truly BORNagain we do but enter the eternal will of God .and even as God gave man the perfect liberty to do good .So in Christ we have the perfect liberty of the sons of God to go and do good . and are free to do so .
    Under the law of sin and death we m ay know what good needs to be done .But do not have the liberty to do so . For the evil we do binds us and the more evil that men do the more bound they become .
    But in Christ we have been set free from the law of sin and death and before us is the world and as individuals and as and in a body we are to go out into all the world and what we have been taught and to do we are to teach others also .
    Even as Adam was taught how to ".....plant a garden" By God; was to go out into all the world and make the whole world as the garden of the Lord .
    But we as Christians are called "to those good works preordained from before the foundations of the world"
    and to "go and do likewise"
    I do not believe the church has any inkling of the radical nature of the gospel yet.
    But the Bride cannot be anything less than the first church that was born on the day of Penticost.
    and she MUST come to know Him who is from the beginning .

    in Christ
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  9. Thanks.

    When the Lord said" Take up thy cross daily and follow me "
    he was not talking about forsaking our sins but legitimate things that though permissable are not convenient for the propagation of the gospel .
    It should also be understood that if you take up your cross and follow him. You are walking towards A golgotha.

    In Christ
  10. I once had two salt pots and not liking always to look for them ,I kept them always in a particular cupboard.
    One day one of the pots was broken and thrown away . Some time afterwards i needed some salt and so went to the cupboard expecting to find the salt .
    (Many people go to churches expecting to find salt but all they find is the world they was hoping to leave or escape from.)
    The cupboard is not a large one .its has but one shelf and I could see all that was in it and nothing was hid from my eyes .
    But as I looked I could not see the salt though I looked very hard .
    When you see birds early in the morning lookign for worms they cannot see the worms but they know they are there so they keep looking .
    So much the more I kept looking for I knew the salt was there.
    Then I believe God had mercy on me (as He often does and has) and opened my eyes to see that what I had in my imagination what I then was looking for was the broken salt pot . As soon as I realised that I rejected the false picture in my imagination and replaced it with the unbroken salt pot and looked for that one.
    In the same instance I did that ,I saw the salt pot in the cupboard . It was not hidden , In fact it was right in the front and at eye level .But the fact was that because I had the wrong thing in my imagination it blinded me to the truth .
    No wonder God demands we make no graven images. For every graven image of God is a lie .and blinds the mind to the truth.
    And does not the scripture say "is might through God for the pulling down of strongholds in high places..?
    What high places? The mind . The strongholds are in the imagination built there perhaps long ago but no less real .
    Some are "immaculate conceptions" that dazzles the imagination but still blind the mind to thew truth .
    Some are fears and an inordinate fear of the devil. and nameless shadows. and imaginings of others who either as children or now more and more as adults the devil is filling the imaginations of men with things that are more and more blinding him to the truth .
    Whatever it is we need Gods help not only to change or remove false concepts in our own minds but through prayer and the Spirit of God to pull them down in the minds and hearts of men .
    that they may see and be saved.
    "is not this the fast that I have chosen? That you break every yoke of bondage,loose the bonds of wickedness ,open the eyes of the blind , cloth the naked .........................."

    "If your eye be single your whole body is full of light "
    He who was promised to lead us into all truth has not left in truth it is written he will abide with us forever.
    Then let us not wait till we are on our death bed and we confess that we have left too late what needed to be done .
    and let the salt be in very truth the salt .
    That it might make some thirsty for the living water.
    For others it might sting into action.
    For others will stop the rot
    and some it will be the death of.

    in Christ
  11. Major don't you mean 180 degrees? :whistle:
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  12. LOL! Thanks.
  13. There are way too many.. Big things such as my hypocrisy :notworthy:.. I thought I knew more than many others and better than many others.. The parable of Pharisee and Tax collector pretty much broke down the walls of pride! The more I learned Scripture, more humbleness was brought into my life by Lord..

    Lord has changed even smaller things in my life.. For a very long time I excused myself that downloading movies or software is not a problem. I would justify the action that the person who uploaded is the sinner and not the downloader :oops: Then Lord helped me realize, I was worst! (n) It sunk into my heart that I am a thief! Then I started paying for things or go for freeware if I din't want to shell out the money (y)
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  14. Actually, in a one instance, my thinking on a specific topic actually has turned 360 degrees ( at least if you are only counting conclusion and discounting why). I went through many phases searching my thoughts, the scriptures, and discussing with persons I respected. As it turned out an early thought I held that was not based on understanding went through some shifting and tumbling when challenged. I learned a great deal in the process and although what I hold to be correct is substantially compatible with my original thoughts I believe the foundations, logicly and scripturally are more solid, and I can remain confident even when under attack and at the same time be understanding with those that hold contrasting views.
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  15. Good to see you young man! :)
    Praying your doing well!
    Blessings of grace and peace be yours in abundance
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  16. Isn't it awesome when God shows us that we were right in our thinking all the time, because what we thought was from Him, we just needed to know the foundation of that thinking so that we could be confident :) proverbs 24:5
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  17. In my early life as a believer, I relied on the Christians around me, and my pastor to guide me in my growth. While there are basic core beliefs that define what being a Christian is, there are also secondary issues that may be expressed differently in individual believers and the churches/denominations where they worship.

    In my thoughts, those core beliefs center around our need of reconciliation with God, both the divinity and the humanity of Christ, His sacrifice for us, and the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives. On a secondary, but still definitive level, the new Christian needs to understand the nature of Scripture as God’s authoritative word for us, and it as basis for sound doctrine.

    When it comes to the less bedrock foundational issues, the kingdom of God is wide enough for many equally saved/dedicated/Bible believers holding varying views based on how God has worked in his life, and in the lives of those that provide his spiritual nourishment.

    In my early days, I felt that the one Truth was best expressed as my local church expressed it, and tended to note differences in doctrine as instances of them being wrong. Since my church provided scriptural references for their teaching, I tended to think of other views as unscriptural, simply because they disagreed with the way my congregation interpreted the Scripture. The fact that their reading and understanding of the same scripture

    What those issues were are not really important. Many of those issues have been banned from posts on this site, not because they are unworthy of discussion, but because they tend to devolve to taking sides, with no-one willing allow his own position to be challenged, even within his own mind. They end up shouting past each other, with no-one learning anything, either about God, or themselves.

    In my later years, I am much slower to assume that someone with a contrasting view on doctrinal issues misunderstands scripture. I am much more likely to listen to the other side, and attempt to understand both the position being advocated, and the devotion to God that the other person feels. When I can, I may state my understanding, but it is less an attempt to change someone else’s mind than it is to have them understand my views.

    Most of my beliefs can still be traced back to the teachings I received at my first church after I accepted the Lord, but some have changed. I am less likely to conclude someone else must be wrong, and thus I am more likely to change my understanding. Does that make me too doctrinally pliant?

    But there are limits. There are things on which I will not spend the effort. If someone comes wishes to discuss the “wonderful self-affirming aspects of Wicca”, I will only be trying to understand them as a person, and not really contemplating their religion.

    A new Christian is not equipped for critical examination of doctrine. It may be that spiritual maturity lies partly in understanding what is bedrock foundation, and what is doctrinal. Hold fast to the foundation, and examine the doctrine. More and more in my life, I find myself trying to find the middle ground between self-assured obstinacy and foundation-less vacillation.

    I pick much fewer doctrinal fights, I see, or at least understand more points of view. I do shift my views, but slowly. Is that luke-warm?
  18. Good question. I guess more questions would need to be answered, such as, how often are you changing your views? What is the basis for changing? Have you gone from one side to the other and back again on many issues? What is the primary reason for the change? Do you feel pressured to change? Are you worried how others see you?

    I am sure there are many more such questions to help determine if there is overpliancy or lukewarmness overtaking you. I think if the stance is based on scripture AND there is no scripture which disagrees with the stance, using solid contextual support, then you are ok. Being open to a differing interpretation is all well and good, but prove (test) all things.
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    Romans 12:1,2
    1 Peter 1:13,14

    Hi @Big Moose,

    Looking at Romans 12:1 and 2, that you quoted, I noticed the words, 'I beseech you therefore, brethren ... '. So this exhortation is based on a word previously given. Looking at the margin of my Bible, I am informed that this refers back to Romans 8:39. the intervening portion being a digression. Praise God!

    That being the case, then the opening verses of Romans chapter two, is based on the truth concerning our identification with Christ, in His death, burial, quickening and resurrection, and the glorious truth that nothing can separate us from the love of God, in Christ Jesus. That solid foundation of Truth, and the confidence it brings in the grace, mercy and love of God in Christ Jesus, is the basis upon which this transformation can take place.

    By believing that we have died, in Christ, to the old man, and that sin no longer has dominion over us, we can walk in newness of life, no longer conforming to this world, but being transformed.

    I am a work in progress, as we all are, based on the finished work of Christ. God the Holy Spirit, is working in us, through His Word, and we are being changed.

    Praise God!

    In Christ Jesus

  20. The "mind of Christ" that we have does not dwell within our physical mind (brain), but in our new rebirth hearts. It never needs to be "renewed" or changed in any way. It is our physical mind that needs renewing by the Word of God so that our heart, and minds are in agreement or we will always be double minded, and never receive anything from the Lord. The unrenewed mind is the "enemy" of God because it can not operated by faith, and is not subject to the laws of God.
    Hopefully we are all changing this enemy of God, so that our physical minds are always in agreement with our hearts where the mind of Christ dwells.

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