Can Satan read minds?

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  1. I would like to know if there is anywhere in the bible that says that either satan can or can not read minds? I don't remember reading anything either way. If he can't read minds then how can he speak words into your mind and have them sound like your own thoughts, when you and God are the only ones that know what the voice of your thoughts sound like?
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  2. The answer to that question is no. At least that is what someone told me. I never read anything saying that he could though.
  3. I have been told the same thing many times as well. But, I don't remember anyone showing me in the bible. If satan and his demons can't read minds then any evil thought that I hear in my own thought voice must my natural man thinking it.
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  4. First of all a thought in your head is a thought in your head and we must determine if it is God influenced or evil influenced for ALL your thoughts are influenced by one or the other for YOU have no thoughts of your own.

    Second of all satan watches your every move, twinge or twinle. he plants a thought and watches for your reaction and will continue to keep planting thoughts if you alolow him to and lead you through life.

    Your words either keep satan at bay or allow him right. Your actions do the same. he has been working and perfecting this since the cross and is the best at what he does.
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  5. There is not Gods thoughts and the devils thoughts and then there is my thoughts. Man is not sovereign unto him slef. NO he needs a spiritual overlord if you will. No we be getten our thoughts from one or the other..
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  6. Hmmmm ok, but if you are saying that all thoughts are either God influenced or satan influenced then doesn't that mean that I often form my own thoughts based on that influence, and that the thought voice is my own?
  7. This why we are told to take our thoughts captive.........Take NO thought "SAYING"
    We are taught to speak His word and so forth..........can you see the picture God is telling us?
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  8. Ok, so are you saying that these thoughts in my head are either God or a/the devil speaking?
  9. say what ? there your thoughts cause they are in your head. yes. rofl
  10. Influenced............
    past tense: influenced; past participle: influenced
    1. have an influence on.
      "social forces influencing criminal behavior"
      synonyms: affect, have an impact on, impact, determine, guide, control, shape, govern, decide;
  11. Ok Jim, now you have me confused as to what you are saying lol. You said that our thoughts are influenced by either God or the devil, but you also seem to say in this post that we don't have our own thoughts but that they are either the God's or the devil's. Am I misunderstanding you here lol?
  12. No they are influenced by either the devil (our lusts and sinful desires) or God...The Word of God.
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  13. When a thought is influenced it is being directed in a direction such as good or evil to make it simple. The flesh is in tune with the devil or worldy type of thinking.
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  14. Ok, so then if an evil thought pops into my head and it sounds like my on thought voice then is that thought from satan? If so, then how does he know how to mimic my thought voice if he can't get into my mind to hear it?
  15. Unless your name is sybol you dont have all those different sounding voices or thoughts.
    This is why we must "take captive" EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT" and this means stop it in it's tracks and disect it and find out if it is good for us or not. If the thoughts flying into your head were so easy to tell apart such as hearing a duck and a cow and a burp then we would not be told to TAKE EVERY THOUGHT CAPTIVE. But they sound the same.
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  16. May be this verse answers the question?

    1 Kings 8:39 then hear in heaven Your dwelling place, and forgive, and act, and give to everyone according to all his ways, whose heart You know (for You alone know the hearts of all the sons of men),
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  17. We were all born with a sin nature, that is not from God.

    The purpose of renewing your mind with the Word of God is that as you learn how God thinks...then you will be able to prove what is good and acceptable and perfect, will of God Romans 12:2
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  18. You have your own voice, because you are God's unique creation made in His image both outside and inside.
    But as FishCatcherJim pointed out, man was designed to have a spiritual overlord and it will be either Jesus or Satan. We have to choose which thoughts we take. Just having an evil thought is not a sin, for temptation is temptation, not sin, it's when you meditate that thought and begin to entertain and agree with it that it will become sin.
    But no, Satan cannot read your mind, but he can give you thoughts. Again as Jim pointed out, the devil watches us and he's been doing this stuff for 1,000s of years, he's pretty good at it. He gives thoughts in the first person so that it seems like it's you, when it's really not.
    His name, the Devil, in Greek is actually a compound name that means "one who strikes repeatedly" as with a rock or a ball. He is named that because mental warfare is how he operates, to pressure you with repeated thoughts until you eventually agree with them and speak and act those thoughts. That is what spiritual warfare is all about. He has to get your agreement, because he has no authority whatsoever - he needs you to do it. So, through suggestion to both your mind and flesh is how he operates.
    Ask the Holy Spirit to sensitize you to Him and to help spot any thought or pressure that is not of God and then take the thoughts captive, bind whatever spirit it trying to make you depressed/stressed/fearful/nervous/etc.
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  19. Also, if you don't know where that thought comes from, test the spirit, as in 1 John. Ask is Jesus the Christ? Did He defeat Satan as a man? Is Jesus Lord? The Devil won't be able to answer yes, for he doesn't have the Holy Spirit.
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  20. Nicely Done My Borther !
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