Blessing , Blessing and More Blessings .

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  1. Oh My oh my .... The blessing just keep on coming . Tomorow , the beans were spilled , that after church I am going to a resturant with all my friends to celebrate . And today my cousin from Calgary sent me some beautiful flowers . So that is the second set of flowers and my place smells and looks like a beautiful garden .

    God , You are good . I just can't stop praising You .
  2. You're celebrating and got flowers twice. Is it your birthday? :D
  3. Oh yeah you said it was your birthday today yesterday, Happy Birthday Dusty .
  4. Yes today is my birthday ....
  5. Thanks You Michael . My friends have organized something after church but I do not know what it is . I really don't like bit fan fare but have to go with the flow .... LOL .... The organizer said yes but it is a milestone Birthday so will tell you all later .

  6. More surprises! :D
  7. Ok .... I will tell now about my extra ordinary day . After church we went to a restuarant ( what do church people do the best ---- eat ... he he ) and believe it there were at least 40 people there with cards and well wishes and a photographer , gifts and one friend who is a chef and baker who made a beautiful cake , my cousin who sent flowers and special wishes by courrier , and the list goes on .

    Well wishes by email , on FB .... flowers from the west coast .

    Then today my missionary friend took me out for lunch and gave me two hanging basquets of flowers .

    I am one blessed woman . God is so good .
  8. Wow! You are POP-U-LAR! :smiley90:
  9. And the thing is ... I never even knew that and I am not bragging about all of this attention . It has humbled me more to know that God loves me so much that He showered His blessings on me ... Who me ? Just little old me . Wow amazing grace .
  10. Blessings like these are so surprising aren't they! The Lord uses people to bless us and show His love
  11. Amen GS and He has filled my heart with song this evening .... What a mighty God we serve . Look at these little children singing this song . So precious.

  12. Well , well .... I am continuing on my quest to praise God in all situations . We know it is easy in the good times but what about the bad ? Not so easy . But if we can look to the examples in the Bible of people who contued to praise Him , no matter what , be encouraged cause Job , David , Paul and many more did not have it easy but they continued to stand upon God's promises and were always vindicated .

    Saturday a cousin from Calgary came and took me out . At the end of a perfect day , I found myself sitting on top of the Sheridan Hotel with her eating orderves and looking at the Toronto Skyline .

    What an amasing God who created the heavens and the earth and He gives me wonderful friends and family to enjoy and fellowship with .

    God you are amazing . I love you so much .

    Like David , we can say ...... 3 Glorify the LORD with me;
    let us exalt his name together.Psalm 34: 3
  13. Just reporting a blessed evening , weather was simply beautiful as we walked and prayed in the downtown Toronto area . We were in the gay , transvestite , and cross dresser area of the city which is gearing up for their biggest ever gay pride parade ( that's their quote not mine )

    These people need so much prayer and there is not many churches involved with these people . They are hurting people and God loves them too just like you and me and we can't discriminate .

    We got to talk to one gay man but it is very important to build relationships with these individuals because they do not trust people who are not in their circle so to speak . We asked him to meet us in a coffe shop and have coffee but he didn't show up .

    Prayer is the only weapon that will break all these strongholds and we need to pray for workers to go into these areas as amny people shun this ministry .

    Continue to pray for us as we go into these areas . Thanks
  14. Looking at the beauty of God's creation is always a blessing. All He created is amazing!
  15. Wooo - Hooo !!!!!!..... 18/6/2010

    I sing praises to your name oh Lord , I sing praises to your Name . For your Name is great and greatly to be praised .

    This is the song that I woke up with this morning . Why ? Because each day is a new day . Each day has a new beginning in Jesus .

    This is the day that the Lord has made . I will rejoice and be glad in it .

    I am also praising the Lord for healing . To some it may seem insignificant but with God all things are possible . , if we believe .

    I have had an ongoing problem with one of my back teeth , pain and could not chew on that side . The dentist said I could either pay $2400 to fix it or pull it out .

    A few days ago it started paining and I put my hand on the area and prayed in the Name of Jesus and believed God would heal it . That was Monday .

    To tell you the truth because I did not receive instant relief , I doubted ... ( and we all know where doubt comes from ) and all week I have been suffering .

    Yesterday I wanted to make an appointment to extract the tooth but he could not take me and Friday is his day off .

    Well , well .... Dr Jesus showed up on the scene and this morning when I woke up .... no pain and praise God I can chew on that side .

    Jesus you show up at the right time and I am sorry that I doubted . You are my healer What an awesome God

    Thank you Jesus.
  16. Rejoicing with you Dusty . awesome God!
  17. Praise the Lord for His healing power and mercy!

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