Blessing , Blessing and More Blessings .

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  1. Blessing , Blessing and More Blessings .

    GodSpeaks just gave me this verse .

    .Psalm 34:8
    Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him

    And immediately thought ..... Yes , Yes , God is so good . Maybe to others these things might be small but to me they are biggies .

    It started in Feb . When I entered a contest on face book and won an Olympic Pin from Petro Canada ... Then last week my cable provider called and looked over my account and I said I was a senior and what could they do for me .... ( He He .... I love telling the senior thing ) and they took $20 . off my monthly account and then on Monday I received a gas voucher for $10 and went immediately and got my free gas .... LOL .... Didn't want to waiste any time . Then today a Bible quiz that I entered from the Canadian Bible Society contacted me and told me I had won a CD of Bible Verses in song ..

    Wooo --- Hooo ... Thank you Jesus .
  2. Praise the Lord

    God is good
  3. Praise God, He's blessing your socks off LOL
  4. Amen and amen ..... I got more .... When the Olympics were on my picture was in the news for a celebration we had down town and now I am in the Hospital News with a picture and an interview as a volunteer helping the stroke Patients ..... Wow ... Any body want my autograph .... he he.... just kidding
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  6. Sure. All those blessing might rub off on us
  7. Praise God from whom all blessings flow .
  8. Wow .....Praise him and praise Him again and again and again .

    This mornings service turned out to be this afternoon's service and the presence of the Lord was so strong . When we were singing and worshipping people were running to the alter at the front . We didn't want to stop praising our Lord . He is so good . people were being blessed , Pastor even forgot to take up the offering ( LOL ) . Pastor then felt led to have all the children come from their classes and the youth from their service to come into the sanctuary to be a part of the praise and worship . It's good for the children to see the adults praising God . All I can say is awesome !!!!

    Next thing we looked and it was 1:30 and there was no preaching .... bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me bless His Holy Name . I cannot begin to tell you all but people we are blessed , including your truly . God is not dead . We do not serve a dead God . He is risen and the Holy Spirit is evident and present in our midst. He wants us to praise Him . I don't want a rock to cry out in my place.

    Thank you Jesus . You really do honour the praises of your people Catch the fire church !!! He wants to give you more . We come to worship Him who deserves all the honour and all the glory and He in turn blesses us . Jesus loves the hear the praises of His people . I love you Jesus . Thank you Jesus .
  9. I went to a meeting my freind invited me to and the glory of God was so strong and powerful it was absolutely wonderful! We didn't want to leave His manifested presence it was so glorious.

  10. Amen . When the Spirit of the Lord is there , there is a beautiful presence of His Holyness . That's the only way I can describe it . Amazing , we don't have to be preached at all the time . We need to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit and let Him Minister.

    Hey at the end just before we left , Pastor realized we had not taken the offering so we all brought it forward and all the Pastoral Staff took the baskets and danced up the aisle .
  11. Yesterday ..... praise God I went on an all day bus trip to a Maple Syrup festival .... there was two bus loads of us from church . There was country music , a tour of the sugar bush and horse drawn carts that took us on a tour of the bush and then we went into the sugar shack . Had pancakes with maple syrup , bought some yummy maple syrup and all in all it was a great day other than the weather did not co- operate and it even snowed . There was all kinds of crafts in a community center and two streets of little booths selling stuff . ... Great day .
  12. I am just piggy backing on my thread and as Naturallinguist started me thinking about all of God's goodness over the years . I think when we get older that is what we do , refect. It is good to look back upon all that God has done .

    Yesterday the door bell rung and I received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers that I have ever seen . It was so big , I had to divide it into three vases . What a wonderful surprise .

    God puts thoughts into others hearts and they act on those thoughts . When I woke up this morning and came downstairs , I smelt the sweet fragrance of those flowers and it reminded me of God's garden . His garden of love , He gives us every day . His sweetness and His fragrance are new each morning as we dwell in His presence . What an awesome God .

    Thank you Jesus for my friends and the many blessings I can share . Thank you Jesus for another year... Praise and honour and glory to You .
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  14. Sweet ..... Thanks InHisLove . You are a blessing and a real Christian sister and for that I love you .

    God Bless .
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  16. It's really nice to see Christian love on this forum... you guys have no idea how much of a blessing you are to me. I don't have a lot of Christian friends with whom I can share like this, who actually get it. We're getting there though. As I share more of God people are letting their guard down and sharing more too. I can see God's hand on it all.. Nevertheless it's good to be able to come here and see y'all praising and loving each other! Yay!
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  18. Praise God . That is what this forum is all about and if we cannot share our Christian love and experiences then why be here .

    Thanks to InHisLove also for your wonderful love . I love you all with the love of Jesus Christ . God Bless .
  19. Yes, this is an awesome forum.

    I participate on a few other forums,
    but because of the LOVE and ACCEPTANCE
    here at CFS . . . this is definitely the forum I call


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