Bible Math: Jesus = [Grace + Truth] Love

Discussion in 'Doctrinal Discussions' started by Brother_Mike_V, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. Major my freind; how have you been?
  2. Really good brother! I am glad to see you are still with us! How have you been?
  3. I'm a train wreck!

    But it's not about me is it?
  4. Time to rejoice in the fact that Jesus is your Lord and Redemption and get His oil of joy stored and stored up within you, so that God can move you into His peace and Joy.

    Praise God for His everlasting goodness
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  5. Thanks for that Cturtle
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  6. That was supposed to be stired up and stored up. Yikes this silly auto correct... lol

    Welcome! Your always in Jim and It's prayers
  8. Best to get back on the tracks after a wreck my brother.

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