Beware of October 12th?

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by freedom07, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. Haven't heard the trumpet yet...
  2. Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize
    Does this count???
  3. The world is confused, messed up and wierd place- no wonder they like Al G so much.
  4. good post ,it,s about time people take notice in what evil hits.then the churches who have been led astray might come back.
  5. May be you weren't ready. :p
  6. That is what my son said today.
    Jeff, you're still here too! :D
  7. Uhmm. Yea. :D I think the rest of the team is gone.
  8. Just me and you!!! :confused:

    Seriously, can you imagine being left behind and knowing it?
    What a panic! What a scary thought!
    I don't ever want to find out what that feels like!

  9. Better gone than being left behind. :pray: It can be really scary otherwise. :eek:
  10. Don't worry guys you won't be left behind for " the dead in Christ shall rise first" - LOL!:D
  11. Hee hee Hee!!! :p

    Brother Larry, when I was little and I wondered if Christ came and I got left behind, I would call one of my Aunts.
    I knew if she was still around that Christ hadn't come yet!!! :D

  12. May Iran was talking about NEXT October 12th:D
  13. Good, we can worry about it for a whole year now!! :D
  14. I know~ I'm only joking~ :)
    I didn't really worry very much yesterday~


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