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  1. Lanolin, your love for Jesus is beautiful. Your light truly shines bright! Jesus gave me eternal life by paying the price for MY sins. I don't think it gets greater than that!
  2. He likes broiled fish, just like me.
    Hes also keen on mustard.
  3. He also explains things really well, sometimes I don't get but he's patient with me.
  4. One thing about Jesus found out, rather disconcerted by all those statues and pictures of him dying on the cross when it didn't happen quite like the artists depicted, and's kinda embarassing for your body to be displayed like that for all the world to see. When that Jesus in the pictures doesn't even look like him.

    It would be like if people drew pictures of me dying and plastering them on facebook, and getting my hair wrong. lol.
  5. Although of course, he's kinda changed appearances from what he looked like on earth.
    But I will know him when I see him face to face, for sure.
  6. Death has no sting when Jesus is around.
  7. He comforts us when we mourn.
  8. Lord Jesus, why dont people believe that you'll come back? That you werent just raised in spirit, but in the body? You always say how we are part of your body, but it seems like people only believe their souls will be redeemed. You never say we are part of the soul of christ, but the body.

    mary looked after your temple. She kept it from being destroyed. But it seems that others dont care and are willing for people to destroy our bodies. How can they believe you will give them a new body if they discard their old one and burn it in a scorching oven? Some people think they gonna be raised from hell!

    We are body spirit and soul. We dont get new completely different bodies from the ones you gave us, cos thats what makes us unique, but we are reborn perfect. When you came back for those 40 days, you were in the flesh!

    Jesus, when Lazarus came back, in his body, you wept cos people didnt believe. And even after you appeared, ppl thought you were a ghost. I KNOW YOU ARE REAL. God doesnt lie.
  9. Best thing about Jesus is His heart, He loved me and all of you SO much that He was bruised and stricken, hung on the cross to carry the burden of our sins.
    Thank you Lord!
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  10. Jesus you heart bled for us so much that day...we always remember you when we take your supper. Thank you for reminding us of your hearts blood, and your broken body that was pierced with many sorrows.

    Life in this world is much brighter when you are near.
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  11. We must always remember Father Gods only begotten Son Jesus' sacrifice, He was beaten, and crucified just for us... Jesus is a wonderful person, and God. I will forever serve my Lord. <3
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  12. He was FAITHFUL to walk down calvery road to the cross and go through this plan of the Fathers for us - EVEN THOUGH HE knew what we were like He still went through it and finished it once and for all.
  13. This is a fantastic idea. My two cents, he is my best friend, he protects me and has kept me this far. I love him so much, I could't live without him. I love our quiet times together, but too often I let this world get in the way of that time. No more. Your post has made me realize how much I've taken him for granted. Thank you.
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  14. That He is my Savior and Lord and Christ!
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  15. Jesus's selfless nature. That, to me, is such a beautiful thing. He was born in a smelly manger, washed the feet of others and helped those in need. He was whipped and beaten for the souls of sinners, and when He hung on the cross to die.. He said, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." Never did He demand the red carpet treatment despite His title. I find that so humbling and amazing. What a wonderful Lord and Savior He is.
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  16. His love, mercy, kindness, and caring. Plus dying and rising from the dead.
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