Best things about Jesus

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  1. Yes and when we humble ourselves He lifts us up.
    I like how he got on with everyone..except the nasty Pharisees who hate him cos he was more righteous than they ever could be. He told them what's what that they were hypocrites.
    He can see into our hearts and gently chide us when we going astray.
    Our sins are covered and he loves us so much that He took such drastic steps so we could be free from sin forever.
    He cast out demons and told them where to go!
  2. He comes after us when we fall or get led away.
    When we cry out to Him he comes running.
    He defends us from the wolves.
  3. No greater love is this than someone who laid down his life for his friends.
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  4. He keeps me focused and gives me a purpose
  5. For the life of me, I can not think of anything I don't like about the Lord! :) This saves me a lot of typing! :)
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  6. Lol.
    I ask for things you do like. Answer..,EVERYTHING.

    Why is your best friend your best friend? Come now, let us reason together.
    Cos he washes me white as snow.
    I dont feel dirty when Im with Him.
    He comforts me.
    He knows everything but doesnt act like a know it all.
    He never puts me down for asking a question, just tells me to read his Word which has all the answers.
    brings me out of the mud and slime pits and sets me on the rock.
    Gives me hope.
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  7. Nothing is too hard for Him.
  8. He brings messages from above from Father and tells us like it is.
    He promises a crown of glory for us..and a massive wedding supper.
    He always invites us to sup with Him.
    He gives us cool robes to wear of fine white linen.
  9. He reminds me..of grace and that every action I take to think of honoring my Father. I still have long way to go but thankfully he sent me a helper.
  10. Hes says his fathers mercies are new each morning.
    If I've done wrong and he just tells me to repent, asking forgiveness, he forgives me.
    He forgets all about it the next day, and when I ask him about it, he says I dont remember that!
  11. He shows me the way.
  12. He's a Prince and we get to be royalty.
  13. He's the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.
  14. He doesn't constantly ask me for money.
  15. He loves me and treats me like a princess.
    Hes also easy to get on with.
    There is no darkness in him.
  16. He comforts me in times of sorrow.
    Hes always here and abiding with me.
    His sacrifice reminds me of what a true friend is, defending the truth and the faith till death.
    He does not count his life as important as my own..even though he was sinless.
  17. Hes a lamb...and, he'll hate me for saying this, as embarassing, but he was so cute and adorable when he was a child.
  18. Amen Brother....He is our Purpose..He is our Life He is our Everything.....
  19. Does Jesus have any negative points?
    Everything is 'good' about Jesus! :)
  20. Um nooo
    I'm just posting what *I* like best about Jesus. He may have a different area that you like BEST. Cos we are all different people and respond to him in our unique ways.

    !! and what do YOU mean by good? elaborate...
    I mean, yea, I'm get told I'm a good woman, girl, friend..but why. What's so good about me? I don't think I'm that special...why is Jesus your best friend. Cos he's good? Anyone can say that. Maybe he saved your life..but how?

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