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  1. Careful young smolt
  2. I just got it.. My caffeine is wearing off.
  3. An episode of the Mentalist recently referred to some place as 'having the best chili in town'......I don't get it.
    It is probably local idiom, but apart from using chili, what are they referring to? Chili on toast? Chili milkshakes, Coca cola infused with chili, or Chili marinaded in Coca cola?...What? Or, if I walked into an eatery in the US and asked for a plate? Mug? of 'your best chili', what would I get?
    Just curious.
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    Blue crab stuffed mushrooms.

    Cream cheese, green onion, red bell pepper, garlic pepper, bread crumbs and salt! Didn't use a recipe!
  5. It's kind of like the signs outside of every restaurant saying they have the "worlds best cup of coffee". Like the coffee, you never know what you're going to get. Could be good but could also confine you to the toilet for a couple days.
  6. I understand that bit but what would I expect to get if I ordered a chilli. Chili con carne?
  7. Hopefully something along the lines of ground beef, kidney beans, tomato paste and some chili seasoning. Kind of like chili con carne.
  8. Ahh OK tnx.
    So it is not necessarily a particular dish, but whatever you order will be expertly seasoned with Chili? Or so you are led to believe.
  9. Just tried your recipe. Not too shabby!
  10. You can tell that this man believes the scriptures...that all food is to be enjoyed with thanksgiving! amen!
  11. You tried it huh? Did you make sure it was a 'happy' salmon?
  12. They all had to swim in a California pool..three days a week.. and eat only yellow butterflies for the last year of their
  13. Yeah, none of that farm grown fish :mad:. Only happy fresh wild Alaskan salmon:)
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    you mean the kind they catch in them horrible nets! that's inhumane! or with awful!
  15. Now you're sounding like a hippie, man up!
  16. I am a friend of Allie... :(
  17. It all looks amazing. Making me hungry.
  18. Oh it is. I had the blackened salmon again this last Friday...yum!
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