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  1. Bbq!!

    OK guys here it is. O thank YOU Jesus for the gift we are about to receive from YOUR bounty Amen

    1 2lb 7 bone steak/roast

    1 package of lipton onion soup mix in 2 cups water in a ziplock bag.
    Cut the steak into 4 pcs and get rid of the bone or it might poke a hole in the bag. Also I added 1/2 tsp ghost chili, you can use cayenne or just crushed red chili instead for you light hearts.

    4 russet taters wrapped in foil for the BBQ. Put them on first since it takes the longest.

    1 bunch Asparagus cut the bottoms off....bout 1 " coat with extra virgin olive oil n a sprinkle of kosher salt. They can cook with the steak side by side.
    2 peaches cut in 1/2 n pitted. save them for last.....desert. Grill them until you get the BBQ stripes....good 2 go
    Dang my mouth is waterin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For the Asparagus dressing, 1/2 cup mayo, 1/4 cup red wine vinegar, 1/4 tsp fresh ground black pepper, n a 1/8 tsp kosher salt, with a 1 tsp worchestershierererererer sauce your good 2 go.
    garlic bread...Sour Dough rolls. Slice in 1/2, butter both sides and sprinkle ground garlic on both sides, grill last!!! just till ya get the stripes
    That is Chilis' BBQ for the week.
    Notice i didn't put a whole lotta hot stuff on it! i made it for YOU!! yes YOU
    I love you and please enjoy. it is my own concoction.

    Chili out!!!:cool::groupray::D




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  2. Thanks Chili, this sounds delicious
  3. I'll be right over , Chili .... make sure the Barbie is on .

  4. Hey Matt, I hope you saved your Puppy some, hehehehe. Next time make mine rare, okie dokie??
  5. Hey Precious .... I love your sunrise . It is realy beautiful . Now I have to find the one I took on my Alaska trip as it was a beautiful sunset picture.
  6. That pic was taken on the last day of my cruise. The morning started off cloudy but the sun peaked out and that's when I snapped it. Yes, I l love sunsets, it's God's gift showing that He is giving us another day.

  7. Those were rare dear. I SEARED EM FAST TO LOCK IN THE JUICES. O heck ya they were between rare n med rare. They were perfect, me I like to eat it right out of the package no cookin needed. Heheeheh

    These were perfect!

    It did come out very good along with the goodies:cool::D

    Chili out

    Salmon is next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. My goodness doesn't that look delicious. Those peppers are mine!!!!!
  9. hmmm let me whip up another 1............Salmon NW style will be next
  10. This thread is making me hungry. I think we need a 'hungry' smiley!

    I have an awesome blackened salmon recipe. Now that I think about it, I haven't made it since around Christmas. I think it's due.

  11. I would love to read a black salmon recipe from you.
  12. Found it. Some advice, unless you like your fish super spicy, do less then a tablespoon of cayenne pepper.

    Blackened Salmon Recipe
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  13. I've only made the recipe with cayenne pepper once. It's also really good if you substitute cajun seasoning for the cayenne which is actually what I started making it with at first.
  14. I don't care who I offend, straighten out.......if you can't cook a tasty steak or meal without using pepper or chili or canine can't cook.
  15. That doesn't offend me. My two favorite things to cook with are garlic and green onion :D
  16. Man after my own heart(y)
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  17. What's canine powder?
  18. Sorry, letting my private thoughts loose at the keyboard.:)
    cayenne pepper
  19. OOOO talk to me brother talk to me!!!

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