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  1. Ice cream sammiches! I love those little guys!
    Now, for the pizza:
    Canadian bacon with mushrooms.
    Sausage and mushrooms.
    Hamburger and mushrooms.
    Pepperoni and mushrooms.
    Premium pizza with four kinds of meat, four kinds of cheese, peppers, onions, olives, chilis, and mushrooms.
    Mushroom and mushrooms.
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  2. Congratulations! :)
  3. And more chili's please on the side. let's parrrrrrrtyyyy! Ready?
    Bans a jolly good fellow Bans a jolly good fellow bans a jolly good fellow which nobody can deny hehehehehe
  4. you're making me realllllllllllllly hungry!!!!
  5. I had a Jack's frozen sausage and mushroom pizza last night. 15 minutes in the oven and it's happy snackin' time!
  6. :eek: If you eat that many pizzas you won't be able to get through the door!
  7. That is very true :p But pizza is SOOOO delicious! You can't help but not eat everything :D hahahaha
  8. So where's the coke? Or maybe some healthy drinks for the pizza? hehe
  9. Awww!!! Not my intention to flood the thread... Don't know what's wrong with my mouse... I just click it once. :(
  10. No Coke. I don't drink Caffeine or HFCS.
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  11. Easily fixed. You are posting in "MY" thread after all. Muwahahahahahaha!!!!!

  12. hehe... Thanks a lot!

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