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Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by HisManySongs, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Banarenth has been promoted to Moderator.

    Help me welcome him back to the Moderator team.
  2. Rooster : Oh boy...there goes the neighborhood

    Bana: Nobody Asked you
  3. Heyyyy =]
    Welcome to the Moderator staff! Woohoo! :cool:
  4. Wow....I have been a moderator here for almost 4 years, with a slight hiatus this past year due for seminary. Things have really changed in some big ways, but very little has changed in any of the important ways. I miss some of my old friends, but it's great to see many new friendly faces as well. HMS is the only moderator that is still around from the early days IIRC.
  5. Congrats Banarenth
  6. So are Rooster and Donkey promoted too, or would they be considered Helpers? Or perhaps there ought to be a new staff category: Instigators.
  7. Welcome back Bana! I am excited to see you.
  8. Not sure he considers them 'Helpers', but they come along in the deal.
  9. Sometimes, I actually start to believe they are real people too.

    Rooster : We are real. It is you that are a figment of my imagination.

    Donkey : I'm not a person.
  10. I didn't know ya got demoted. That shows ya how much on the ball I am hehehehehe. I think the chili's' are melting my brain roflmao :D
    All righty thennnnn congratulations Ban. BTW that avatar looks like it came from Final Fantasy 10

    Chili out.
  11. It does. It's a higher resolution image of the same avy I have used for the past four years before the site moved over. The old forum had Vincent (From Final Fantasy VII) in then list of default avys, So I used it.
  12. Congratulations... :) Where's the party?
  13. At my house :p Bring some chips :p
  14. That's where I remember the Avy! I love that game all of em. MMMMMMMMM. Yeah Vincint was a bad cat meaning tuff stuff. Cloud learned a lot from him and also for his special moves..

  15. I can't bring some chips... Maybe some ice creams... :)
  16. Alright, bring ice cream :)
  17. Sure... In pint, cone, small cups or liter? hehehe... :)
  18. LITER, silly! I love my ice cream :p
  19. Liter... Sure! Who wants to volunteer for pizza? Love pizza... :)

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