Awesome Weekend Preaching The Gospel

Discussion in 'Evangelism' started by Kevin, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. This past weekend we went as a team to one of our outreach ministries and preached to a community in one of our national parks. These people are desperately poor and have very little in terms of Western comforts. But what they do have is an incredible love for God and a hunger for God which just blew us away. Their fellowship was started about two years back and they have doubled in number! They worship with absolute reverence and passion. From the smallest child to the oldest adult they can sing better than any trained singer I have ever heard. We went to teach them on the book of Ephesians but came away exceptionally blessed. We saw the Holy Spirit move in an amazing way. People were healed of various physical problems, people were healed emotionally from grief and hurt. All in all - the time we spent with them was amazing! I want to encourage everybody - go and preach the gospel, it may be hard at times and requires a lot of work and preparation but when you see God work and the love of Jesus Christ poured out it is all worthwhile and leaves you just wanting more.
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  2. Exciting News! Keep it up my friend!
  3. Thanks Major,

    Hopefully by God's grace I can get back there soon

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