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Are These Types Of Shirts Modest? (please Answer Asap Guys!)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by KaylaHansa, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Recently, God has been working on modesty with me. I am trying to be more modest and have a question about a type of shirt. I bought a shirt on a whim and now am wondering if it is modest. It looks fine to me but I could understand how guys might not think so. It is those see-through type of shirts that are meant to be worn with a tank top. I have a fully covering tank top that will cover everything up completely.

    It is similar to this shirt:

    Please answer because I am thinking about wearing it tomorrow! Thanks :)
  2. Well Kayla, here's the thing-what we call 'modest' and what God would call 'modest' are usually 2 different things.

    If your age is correct on your profile (16); I could tell you that I would not let my daughter wear that to Church-or ever for that matter-but then again-I am a bit 'old fashioned' and 'fundamental'-which means I believe what the Word of God says over fashion and custom/ culture.

    You have to make a heart decision on things like this. If you want to attract a Godly husband-present yourself as a Godly wife-BEFORE marriage and physical activity (You know-the "S" word) ;)
  3. Could you clarify what you mean by "I am a bit 'old fashioned' and 'fundamental'-which means I believe what the Word of God says over fashion and custom/ culture."?
  4. How is the weather up there on Wolverton mountain Dirty?:whistle:
  5. The top is fine Kayla.
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  6. Needin to buy some more shotgun shells 'I Reckon"!
  7. Thanks for the answer.
  8. Well-will it do me any good to throw a bunch of scripture at you? Are you seeking truth or acceptance?

    The reality is-it is up to you to decide. If your folks don't have a problem with it-well that's between you and them and God.

    Do you want to be a Lady-woman seeking after God's own heart-or do you seek the affection of eye pleasing men?

    No matter what I say-the decision truly is up to you....

    In certain circles....that top is perfectly acceptable....in others it is not....
  9. BTW: Keep in mind-Calvin is apparently impervious to the physical attractiveness of young women-therefore everything is pretty much okay with him...

    Am I lying Calvin?

    I on the other hand think of what will I say to the Lord when I am accountable for the upbringing of my own daughter....
  10. Im not seeking acceptance. I really don't know what you mean. Bible verses are fine with me.

    What does impervious mean? lol :p
  11. im·per·vi·ous

    1. Not allowing something to pass through; not penetrable.
    2. Unable to be affected by: "impervious to the heat".
  12. Oh so you mean he can deal with temptation well?
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  13. Look-I am old enough to be your Dad-so it's a touchy subject for me to talk to you as a minor #1 and not any sort of relative #2 and as a member of the opposite sex #3.

    My best advice would be this: fellowship with Bible believing elder ladies and SUCCESSFULLY married women (10+ years of marriage). Seek answers from your parents and Pastor.

    Talking about modesty is a small detail in the grande scheme of your relationship with Jesus Christ. So the first thing I would have to ask you to get into an in depth discussion is this: Do know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior? Do you understand the Gospel message?

    My assumption is; having come to CFS you do and are 'saved'...
  14. Oh, definitely. I repented for 2 years ago. It's just that modesty is a recent thing that has come up in my spiritual life...
  15. Well probably better than I -my Brother Calvin- I should say Elder Calvin-I do believe is old enough to be my dad-your grandpa....He has a lot more experience knowledge and self-control than a man my age -or 100 times that as a boy your age...

    Teenage boys have no brains by the way-BEWARE! I know-I was one once! :D
  16. Trust me, I know. Finding a single serious Christian guy at school seems to be a impossible task. :(
  17. I believe the Bible to be truth, I believe if we follow God's plan-life is much better. The problem is; when I was your age-nobody taught me God's plan for my life and I went and squandered my youth with lots of 'feel good' sin until I was 30 years old-then I got saved and I am reaping the harvest I sowed while I was an unbeliever and backslidin for a while.

    Can you clarify "I repented for 2 years ago" ?
  18. Want me advice? STOP LOOKING! Make Christ your #1 relationship and trust in Him to provide the right husband for you.
  19. Well I was your average teenager- obsessed with beauty and being cool. Then I repented in church and everything changed. I grew up in a Christian family so I always knew about Jesus but I didn't have a personal relationship with Him yet. But after that night I felt the relationship, it was a completely new and amazing feeling. :) I'm a much different person now and I know God has been working in me.
  20. You should talk to Katie-she is a moderator on here. Her tag is 'xspinningisfun'. She is busy lately-hopefully she will catch this conversation.

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