Are There Any People That Left This Site That You Miss ? :)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by autumn oddity, May 22, 2013.

  1. For's the user Christine, she's one of the people I'm following... I keep waiting for her to come back...and she never comes back XD .. we weren't close -close but I liked her spirit.,, she was hardworking and had good faith... and loved anime like i do

    What about you? whose your shout out to?
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  2. My list would be very long. There's a few people no longer here who I see elsewhere in cyberspace such as Dusty, Psalm91, Pastor Gary, InHisLove, RevLynn, AdoptiveMommy, and maybe a few others I'm forgetting at the moment.

    Let's see how many I can think of off the top of my head:NearertoGod, Padelford, Tavy, RideForTheSon, ThreeNails, Whirlwind, WhoamI, Mark18, AngelicRose, CoveredbyGrace, Popow Ully Cytorues, Etty, HonestJeen, Gemma, SweetSurrender, Theophilus, ForgivenWretch, Ginger, KitsapGirl, Gods_Child, and there's more. There's a few names I'm drawing a blank on for some reason. Some have checked in fairly recently, but haven't posted in a long time.

    I know in your OP you said those that have left here. Many on my list and those I haven't listed are still technically active members, so they haven't left, but in any case they haven't posted in some time.
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  3. I wonder why....Has anyone contacted them and asked?
  4. Many reasons. Some because they became busy elsewhere, some because they are active on so many other social networks that we get lost in the shuffle, some because they moved on to other endeavours that required their time and attention, a few because they were offended by something someone said or did - or didn't say or didn't do, some because the membership changed over time and so did the site "culture" - I wonder how many currently active members remember when the active membership was primarily charismatic? Some left or became silent because of struggles in their own faith - doubts, fears, disappointments. Some said all they had to say, some came during a certain stage of life/faith/whatever and moved on when they moved on from that stage. I have reached out to some, others have indicated what was going on with them, and others just quietly faded into the background.

    I think I know where you're going with this, Rusty. I'd like to get into that elsewhere. I'd like this thread to remain in a positive vein.
  5. Huh??I'm not being negative at all, Rumely...I was going to volunteer to contact them.
  6. You and I have already talked about this in PM, but for the benefit of the other members, let me say that I misunderstood your intentions. I will be attentive to this thread, juuuuust in case anyone else misunderstands them.

    Contacting some of them might not be a bad idea.
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  7. At my age, it seems that I forget at lot more than I remember. I have seen some really wonderful Christians over the last 3 years of being associated with this web site. I have learned many things from listening to them and thereby growing

    I wish I could recall all of those that I miss. I could look back on the history of the posts made and in fact I have done that a few times just to tell someone that I missed them. "Ginger" comes to my mind.

    The fact is that most people do as Rumely states......move on in life. Old friends move on and new friends move in. That is the nature of all life.

    I would publically like to thank Rumely and all the other Mod's who operate this site. It is a daughting job listening to the complaints and arguments that always take place when people talk. You see, each one of us seems to have the inate desire to always be right in our opinions.

    These talk site/forums are a lot like going to church.
    The pastor and staff spend more time putting out the fires between believers than sharing the gospel with the lost.
    It is like an adult day care facility.

    Good job folks!
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  8. Oooh! Ooh! Ooh! (Like Arnold Horschack) GodSpeaks! Been trying to remember her username all night. And when has Vheneza last posted? And Ping, left on such a sad note. Mr. Black, Seeking, New2Christ, and more.

    Going through some of the names, I was reminded that some are on multiple sites and concentrated their energy there. I went the other way - I am on multiple sites, but I settled in here and spend most of my cyber-time here.
  9. Wahhhhh.....I miss SO many! Dusty (we were in contact over the phone a while ago after she left!), NearertoGod (miss her dearly!), godbe4me (I have a few favorites on here and she was one of 'em!), InHisLove, Pastor Gary, Mr. Black, GodSpeaks. And I can't remember anymore :(
  10. Thanks. The PM sure help clear everything up for me we say here in Asia:

    "Engrish sure is a funny language!"

    My volunteer offer still stands....It would take some time, Horshack! ( He just died last year ya know..)

  11. I remember seeking ^^ and some of the other peeps you guys listed...good times..good times :D
  12. I remember Violet, she moved to England and dropped off the planet. @Xspinningisfun, if you talk to Dusty again, tell her I said "hi".
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  13. Being a, rather, staunch Baptist this will go over like a lead balloon but even though I will never be seated under a female Pastor. I miss RevLynn.
  14. Bless your heart Bill........I was thinking the same thing!
  15. We don't talk anymore :( Life got busy! I don't have her number....but if we were still in communication, I would have told her that you said hello :)
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  16. ummmmm me? lol I don't know cant say as ive been here long enough to miss anyone to be honest. And Im barely here as it is, mostly just a lurker so to speak.
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  17. Mistman, Kevin, Dario, Covered by grace.
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  18. what about Boanerges?
  19. I didn't mention Dusty or Boanerges (and a few others) because I see them elsewhere in cyberspace, so I don't have to miss them.:) Violet and Boanerges and Dusty were some of our most prolific posters when I first joined.

    And Swiss Browns! Nice to hear from you again! It's been a long time.:) If we still had our old software, you would have seen that I visited your profile page the other day when reminiscing about days gone by.
  20. Patriot, you're not an "old timer", but I was thinking about you the other day as well. I have always appreciated the respectful way that you have presented your views when posting in threads on volatile topics.
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