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  1. God's ways were at one time higher than our ways, but it should not be like that anymore as we have the "mind of Christ", and the last time I checked he is God.
    Anyone who believes that he can not know God's ways is sure never to know God's ways. "No one knows the thoughts of a man except the man's spirit within him, even so no one knows the "thoughts of God" except the Spirit of God. We have received not the spirit of this world but the Spirit of God...."

    What happens when a person has the mind of Christ and is filled with God's thoughts? Does he know God's ways?
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  2. What a foolish thing to say and a denial is no argument .

    God is not aramic.Hebrew gentile or English.
    What langauge then do you think he spoke when he said " Let there be light "

    In Christ
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  3. "The children of israel knew Gods acts but Moses knew Gods ways"
    it is a foolish thing to think that "little children " though they may know the father " Know what fathers do that "know Him who is from the beginning"
    I never said "why dont people read what others say ?) we cannot know Gods ways .
    Jesus is the way . and you may well know Him.
    But if you think that makes you know Gods ways you would be mistaken.
    It does not say the thoughts of man but the THINGS of man., No man knows another mans thoughts save by the Word andf the Spirit of God .
    God knew our thoughts from before the foundation of the world .
    True it is we have received the Spirit of God . But even as Jesus humbled himself as a servant so then we are to have the mind of Christ .
    If he knew the mind of the Father it was because he spent as much time in the presence of God as he did if not more in the presence of men.
    Gods ways are not mans ways yet men continually seek to do it their way rather than Gods way .
    I ;said God will build my church....................
    and unless gods builds the house the builders build in vain.

    In Christ
  4. 1Co 2:11 For who knows a person's thoughts except the spirit of that person, which is in him? So also no one comprehends the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God.
    1Co 2:12 Now we have received not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might understand the things freely given us by God. (ESV)

    Does it make any sense for a Father to have his own children to be without the capacity to know their own Father?
    Where do you think the Church has been translated to? Where is the Church right this second sitting?
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  5. Where exactly is the Church today? Are we sitting on the right hand of God in Christ? Do you believe this? Can a Christian ever get away from the presence of God?
  6. Yes, Jesus spoke Aramaic. God spoke His own language, but what He spoke to create the universe was revealed to the writers in Hebrew, the language of His people.

    What's foolish is to declare that there is such a thing as biblical English. Do you also claim there is a biblical Spanish or a biblical Swahili?
  7. No body knows that answer, as even the Apostle Paul was caught up to the third Heaven, and he heard unspeakable words that a man was not lawful to utter.(2 Cor 4:12)

    2Co 12:4.. How that he was caught up into paradise, and heard unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter.
  8. If the Holy Spirit speaks through a believer as he prays, as he that speaketh in a "unknown tongue" he speaks not unto men but God. The Holy Spirit gives the utterance not man. I would say this would be the language God speaks. Holy Spirit (God) speaks to God the Father.
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  9. "Little children ye know the father and your sins are forgiven ,,," 1John. Praised the Lord.
    Little children do know their fathers loves them and provides for them ,that he goes in and comes out ,But they do not know what word he does as it were. In truth little children know their mother more than their father and it takes a growing maturity to develop and know the father .
    "Young men the word of God abides in you ,and ye have overcome the wicked one"
    Little children can be easily deceived young men in whom the Word of God dwelleth richly not so . For they have "by practice come to know good from evil"
    A young man knows the father far better than when you was a little child.
    When sons used to follow in their fathers footsteps in their trade or business ,Then the father taught them and "what they saw the father do that they did also " Little children " do not know as yet what thier father is about . They do but know more or less his works.
    But then what of "Ye fathers ,ye know Him who is f rom the beginning"?
    If" ye know the father " do ye not know him who is from the beginning? Well they are one and the same but clearly not.
    For a "father" is not a "little child"
    You may well ask then ,what is a father? but that is for another post .
    But clearly there is more to God than we know and I would argue that the church in general does not know God as it thinks it does . and most certainly there is an awful lot of Gods people who do not know Him who is from the beginning .On the very simple grounds that most do not believe Him who was in the beginning . and wsho gave HIS record as to how he created the heavcn and the earth .

    The scripture says "what knoweth the things of man save the spirit that is in man "
    Meaning men know men because of the spirit that is in men . the things of men is not the same as the thoughts of men at all .
    it is the Word of God that discerns the thoughts and intents of the heart .
    Likewise then what knoweth the things of God save the Spirit of God?
    Only the Son knoweth the father and only the Father knoweth the SON.
    When the Lord said at the last supper I go to the father . Andrew replied show us the father . The Lord replied "Have I been with you so long ,,,, that you do not know me "?
    When the Mary said she believed that Jesus would raise up lazerus from the dead at the ressurection. Jesus replied I AM the ressurection and the life"
    Mary and the disciples both knew the Lord but not as they could have or should have .
    Are we not to grow in grace and in the knowledge of God?
    Then it takes time to know Him who is from the beginning .

    Abrahams growing knowledge of God progressed from "God almighty" to God everlasting" to "God the most high " to the "Just judge and moral governor of the whole universe"
    It took time for him to know Gods ways .
    I should add that this sort of "knowing" is the same sort of knowing as "Adam knew his wife" Expereintially.
    It is not the intellectual knowing of facts . or about a thing.
    I do not then deny that we cannot know the things of God I simply say that Abraham grew in the things of God and he is our father " for if we are Christs then are we of Abrahams seed and heirs according to the promise"

    in Christ
  10. Because we have the living Spirit of Christ living in us, we can have the kind of Father/child intimacy that none of the disciples or even Abraham ever had with the Lord.
  11. I was not suggesting that I did . I simply pointed out that what a lot of people boast in of the original language of the scriptures is not Gods language but mans .
    As such then the message of God does not change that "came forth out of His mouth "
    Yet what sayeth the scriptures?
    God who in sundry times and in divers ways spake by the prophets ,but hath in these last days spoken to us by His Son"
    Jesus was not simply the messenger but the message! "Who came out form God " who came from the father " The Word of God.
    As such then the message remains the same what language it is translated in only depends on the accuracy of the translation of the letter . Which is the Body of truth .
    yet if a man is not heard or understood unless he gives his breath and life to his word .How much less is God understood unless the Letter or the body of truth is given the Spirit of truth also ?
    For is it not written "the letter killeth but the Spirit giveth life"?
    An over reliance then on ones own knowledge of Hebrew and Greek will not and is not sufficient . For the snare is that men will lean more upon their own understanding of Hebrew and Greek than they will trust the Lord "who leadeth us into all truth"
    Hebrew did not profit Saul of Tarsus and it was his mother tounge!
    Nor did it profit the high priest and many of the pharassees either .
    Which should be enough for anybody to walk softly . For they persecuted the church stoned Stephen and "thought it was Gods will " and they knew Hebrew far better than someone who has had to elarn it as a second language .
    For the record .I am NOT saying it is not good to so learn them. I am saying dont lean on your understanding of them rather than the Lord.

    in Christ
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  12. I do not say we do not know the father .
    But i would point out that it was John who was speaking to Christians who "knew the father " but was also speaking to other chistians who "had overcome the wicked one" and tyo others who "knew Him who is from the beginning"

    Is it not written ?
    "In evil be as (little ) children but in understanding be men."

    in Christ
  13. Amen. Even children can know God intimately. Holy Spirit cuts through time many think is required for spiritual depth.
  14. The days are coming and already at the door ;when the church and every child of God will and needs must know Him who is from the beginning.
    Not simply for our own great satisfaction stability and delight .
    But that we might truly be as a light shining on a hill as the moon which in the darkest night when it still shines on the earth bares witness that the sun still shines and there is coming a perfect day. For the moon was created to rule the darkness even as the greater light was to rule the day.

    in Christ
  15. Once again...you're preaching to the choir.
  16. Then let it be simply repeating what another said .I do not say it as if you did not know but to remind you of it

    in Christ
  17. There is no word in the Bible as "Unknown" tongue and we by the rules can not talk of tongues.
  18. You are confusing "Practical" sanctification with "Positional" sanctification.
  19. 1 Corinthians 14:2 (for just one out of several references)
    For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God: for no man understandeth him; howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries.

    As it was approached by CCW95A, it is appropriate.
  20. 1Co 14:2 For he who speaks in an unknown tongue is not speaking to men, but to God; for no one understands him. Yet in the Spirit he is speaking secret truths. (WNT)

    Talking about "tongues", and quoting "scripture" are two different things.
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