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  1. I watched it because these kids in my class kept saying allah akbar and I wanted to show them what that meant, so that they could stop saying it.
  2. Most reporters get the translation wrong... they say it means "allah is great" but it really means "allah is greater" so that if anyone says "Jesus is great" they can say "allah is greater". It's just like the devil to do that. So I say to them, "Isa akbar" translation "Jesus is greater!" :)
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  3. My classmates say that whenever they do a kamikaze type move in a video game, and sometimes they just tell it for no reason. I used to say it too, but when I found out what it meant about a month or two ago, I repented and stopped saying it. It is idolatry.
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  4. I just remembered, Isa of the koran is not the same as Jesus from the Bible.
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  5. You are right, he is not the Jesus from the bible but "another jesus". If you look in the koran as to what is written about him you will see that it is not the Jesus we worship.
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  6. You have to be careful of what you decide to act on or meditate on.....and for what reason. The devil is out to destroy us all and if he can get you to act on the thoughts that he puts in there, then it causes confusion and seeds planted that are harmful to you and that God will have to help you to get out.
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  7. But it is how Jesus is said in Arabic, which is why I said it. :D
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  8. Look all through the bible history and history of this world. The devil is always in charge of all the killing and murdering no matter what name they use. Not including when God sent His people to battle so please do not reply with that.

    My point is this. isis or any other terrorists may believe they do such things in the name of who ever but it is and always will be doing satans bidding for him.
    One other point........what would happen if they made a federal law claiming that gang bangers who terrorise american citizens would be seen as american terrorist and would be punished as such....
  9. True.

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