Anyone Need a hug

Discussion in 'Fellowship Time' started by Cturtle, May 17, 2015.

  1. Our Savior is ready and waiting with arms wide open! 150db_cf21.jpg
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  2. And that is a truly amazing thing that our God is waiting for us all of the time.
    All we have to do is repend of our sins - EASY.
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  3. Php 3:12 I have not yet received all of those things. I have not yet been made perfect. But I move on to take hold of what Christ Jesus took hold of me for.

    Nothing like hugging the Lord back in love's embrace!
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  4. You know what I find amazing about this truth? That this hug is even better than what is imagined here! Because the "hug" comes from the inside...the love from God is inside of you and it is so much greater than anything coming from the outside!
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  5. Hes got the whole world in His hands...
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  6. I definitely need a hug from Jesus, I just recently left a certain movement, and I feel somewhat rejected because of it... but I am following and keeping my eyes on Him!
  7. If you are needing to talk things out....i am just a pm away. Blessings to you.....and consider yourself very accepted and loved in Christ
  8. Feel rejected ? Why would this be ? Who is behind this feeling of rejectment ?
  9. I always need / want a hug!! :)
    Is there such a thing as a "constant, everlasting" hug?
  10. Brother get thee be hind me I was here first.........
    Just playen..... Serious question.... Could you ever get enough or our Heavenly Fathers Hugs ?
    I know I sure could not. I mean for every hug I would want two more. You know give me, give me my name is jimmy and give me all you got.
  11. Well, I suppose we can all be hugged all at the same time!!!!

    Isa 40:11.. He will tend his flock like a shepherd; he will gather the lambs in his arms; he will carry them in his bosom, and gently lead those that are with young.
  12. I bet we are more times then we know.
  13. I was originally baptist , but not a osas believer... Anyway I came out here 3yrs ago to meet my now husband, him and his family is WOF... I tried the whole WOF thing, but it didn't sit well with me for various reasons. His family basically threw the unholiest of fits because of my choice, they said I was now a disabled Christian whatever that means .
  14. Thanks I'm here for you too :)
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  15. Na, ignore such talk.
    You are in heir to the kingdom of the most high God through Yeshua.
  16. Faith and Words is not a thing or a movement or anthing else people want to lable it with.
    Word Of Faith or Faith Words.........yea I can see where that would be a bad thing. rofl.....
  17. I can testify to that. Today, I was watching some isis beheadings and it made me cry a whole lot. I also started striking things with my polypropylene sword. But what comforted me was God. This specific Scripture: "Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord".
  18. I also love physical hugs. A lot. Maybe a bit too much...
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  19. This isn't a bad thing Juk.
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  20. Don't watch that garbage. Know only that it's happening and pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ. If you want to go to war with them, go to spiritual war with those evil demons through prayer and fasting for your family in Christ. That'll do much more than with a play sword.
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