Anyone Heard From Major?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Mitspa, May 2, 2014.

  1. I don't see any recent activity from Major...has anyone heard from him lately?
  2. I've not seen him for some time. I was just thinking of him today. I'll be gone all next week (unless the hotel has internet) as I'm going to a class in Frankfurt, Germany. I used to live there so it'll be nice to see how much it's changed since the 90's.
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  3. Wow that sounds cool Ab.. hope you do well...:)
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  4. I had a conversation with him last week, but nothing since then.
  5. He's probably busy with life and stuff, he does have a family : )
  6. Yea but ever since I have been on this forum, he will show up for at least a few post every day? He has been here longer than any other poster on this forum best I can tell? Its very odd that to me that he has not been posting?
  7. Major was here a day or so ago, but as far as I know he did not post anything.
    th1bill has not been on the forum since about Nov 2013. that is a real worry as his health is not good.
  8. HELLO ALL!!!!!!!

    I am very touched by all of the kind things said. Thank you for your concerns and thanks Mitspa for asking.

    We are all fine. We had one of our grandchildren very ill with pneumonia that caused an abscess in one of his lungs and he had to have major surgery to scrape out the infection. He is 4 years old and was a real trooper! He was in Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando for a week and with all the daily driving and sitting I have just been totally wiped out.

    He is totally recovered and doing well now.

    Again........May the Lord bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand!

    Calvin asked the question about th1bill. I have not heard from him in months. I know he suffers with MS along with some other things.
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  9. Glad to hear from you and glad your young trooper is making a full recovery, we thank our God and hope for His kindness to always keep us walking in His Good ways!
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  10. Woohoo major , its nice to see ya back.. but you gott let us know when or if you need prayer... your grandson is a trooper. .the thought of surgery would have me passing out lol, so is he okay now ? :)
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  11. Hmm i didn't kno that abt 1bill : / we should keep him in our prayers too...I need to make a list lol ^~^

    Oh um..what's MS?
  12. Wow! Tough kid. I'm glad he is recovering!
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  13. Ya the1Bill is MIA. Perhaps.........................he was not feeling good last I talked to him............If we don't see him here no more we WILL see him in Heaven/ //////////I will shoot a pm to him
  14. I was about to ask the same of you. Your' s said 'inactive' recently, again :confused:.

  15. "See him in heaven?"
    Just wondering, how old is He? :3
  16. YES! We had him Sat. and Sun. and he went to church with us. He was great and is completly healed.

    Thank you for your thoughts and concerns.
  17. Thats good to hear Major. Thanks for sharing!
  18. He is an old Vietnam war vet

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