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  1. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of ants? I have a problem... somehow, ants have found their way into my bathroom, and don't want to leave! Any suggestions for getting rid of them? Thanks in advance for any help! :)
  2. You could try 'Ant Rid' or similar products with borax. Most ants wont eat it though, so mix it with duck fat or chicken fat. If the ants eat it and take it back to their nest, when they die, the other ants will eat them and die.
    Another thing to try if your house is single story, would be to set off some of those insecticidal control bombs in the roof cavity provided the ants are nesting up there, that is.
  3. Ok, thanks! I was also thinking along the lines of that there may be something out there, a spray that ants dislike, that i could spray to encourage them not to come back. My place is an apartment, a single story, set up kindof like a shopping mall, with 5 apartments side-by-side, each sharing a wall, and all entrances from the outside. I don't even think there's a place where I can get into the ceiling, so the insectidal bombs are out of the question! :) Thanks for the advice though. :)
  4. Go to the drug store and ask for "Boric Acid".

    It is a white powder and you can shake a little on them and they will shrivel up right in front of you.

    Ants are always looking for water, so shake some of this powder under your sinks etc. It will work!!!
  5. Hey there Major, I know it will work, but if there are young children about poisoning could be a concern so one needs to be a bit judicious in spreading the stuff about.
  6. Yes you are very correct!!! Good point. I didnt consider that.

    It needs to be used with REAL caution and maybe even as a last step kind of thing.
  7. Actually, that's not a concern. It's just me living by myself in my apartment, so young children are not a consideration, but thanks for the info, and the concern! :) I actually got myself some ant traps, and some "ant" Raid spray, so we'll see how that works! For some reason, the ants are never a problem in the winter, only seems to be an issue as the temperature warms up outside.
  8. Yes, warm weather brings them out. We have 2 Siamese cats (indo0r dwellers). Several nests of these little brown ants that like cat food more than the cats do. We put their food in a bowl that is surrounded by a water moat to stop the ants. But the duck fat laced with borax based ant killer just culls the little pests. But with winter comes respite from the invading armies.
  9. Hi,
    Ant like moist place. You make mixture of white vinegar and water 50-50. Repeat throughout the day to maintain the efficacy. Ants hate the smell of vinegar, and it removes the scent trails that they use to get around.
    Good Luck!

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  10. Definitely gunna try that! Thanks for the tip
  11. Thanks so much! I'll definitely give it a try! Raid helped some, got rid of the majority, and ant traps help too, but there are still a few stubborn ones who won't leave. So nice to hear about a solution you can make yourself! :)
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  12. Thats what I use heheeh. No Poison. And it werks real good
  13. They tend to swarm in warmer weather. We use this on the nests we find outside.

    It should work on the scouts you're seeing. They take the bait back to the queen and the colony.
  14. You can use limestone as it is very useful.
  15. Ants have been real bad here this year. I accidentally discovered that my "all natural essential oil based flea spray" (which, btw, doesn't do a thing for fleas) kills em dead in one spray *and* disrupts the ant yellow brick road path. And it doesn't kill my cats (though they don't like the smell).
  16. Terro is what I use. Place a drop of the clear liquid on a piece of thick paper and the ants come, partake, and take it back to the nest. It's not instantaneous but very effective within a few days on little black ants. :)

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