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  1. Errr,,, hi?! I'm kinda socially awkward but i hope i can have a lot of believer friends here! It's so refreshing to have believers that sorrounds you! Fellowship is very important to christians so.....HI!!!!
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  3. Hi sEtApartGirl!!

    Welcome! I am, in other situations, a little socially awkward also, but the Lord has been working hard on me and I am much better now.

    I have found that the post/reply dialog here is a great help in overcoming the in-person, face-to-face problems.

    I am here to fellowship and understand the viewpoints of others. The core (Christ) is the same for all. I have grown in my love the brothers and sisters here. Beyond wanting to understand, I want to be a blessing to those I encounter here.
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  4. Well, Thank you sir, i"m not really that people person but i'm trying, if i want people to see Christ in me, i need to get out of shell sometimes right? It's just that, sometimes it's difficult for me to mingle with unbelievers, because of the lifestyle, but i'm really trying to make friends with them without compromising my Christianity. If you know what i mean. THANK YOU!
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  5. Yep, you can be in the world without being of the world ;)-- just remember our lord is with you and can strengthen you. (Just a little encouragement).(y)
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    I understand. Thank you Sir.
  7. You may well be placed there to be a witness. You may be there to learn something about the world, or yourself (maybe both).

    As far as leading them to Him, let the Lord lead you. Be ready with a gentle word when possible, a pointed word when necessary, but always with compassion. Remember it is His fight, not yours. Do not take it personally if the world rebukes to Lord through you.

    I took the liberty of reading your biography. I noticed you are a nurse. I have the highest regard for nurses. Most are hard working and very caring. When I first retired a few years ago, I began volunteering at the local hospital, wheeling patients out when they were discharged. I am now involved with an ostomy support community group.

    Welcome again!!!
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  8. Welcome! I hope you feel right at home in here.
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  10. Welcome! Blessings of peace and joy be yours in abundance! Being in a shell is something that i understand :ROFLMAO:. So i pray that you find a great place her to enjoy.
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  11. Welcome!! :D
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  12. Thank you! I already feel at home with all of your warm welcome!
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  13. THANK YOU!!!:)

  14. Thank you so much! I'm so overwhelmed with all of your warm welcomed.
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  15. Thank you!! :)

  16. You are right sir, i think, it's more of i need to learn, can i asked for some advice? How can i make myself to be an extrovert? Or atleast to be comfortable with crowd?
  17. Coming from someone who is not an takes practice and trustin that the Holy Spirit is with You wherever you go.
  18. Greetings sEtApartGirl,
    Welcome and I am glad that you have found this place called CFS for it is a wonderful place full of love and fellowship in Christ. Looking forward to fellowshipping with you and becoming friends.
    God Bless

  19. Yeah, maybe i have trust issues or maybe i'm just a plain boring person?? and prefer books than parties?

  20. Thank you for the warm welcome jim! i'm excited as well, i'm excited of the thought of having believer friends all around the globe!
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