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  1. Sometimes I get an overwhelming fear that sweeps over me. I fear what is in the darkness and I feel being alone (by that, I don't mean I fear being single... but the idea of being literally alone). The best remedy for when I feel this way is to think about Jesus, and sometimes that means watching cartoon Bible stories on youtube. Sometimes I just fall asleep clutching my Bible as if I were a child hugging her teddy bear. My fear just melts away, or is more tolerable or something, when I think about Jesus. I have tried telling this fellow Christian friend of mine about my fears, and I guess I shouldn't fault him, maybe it's because he's not a license therapist, but that just didn't work the same way as thinking about Jesus or reading scripture works. So it's more than just a matter of getting it off my chest or intellectualizing it.

    I am just curious if anybody else can relate? I always find it kind of amazing whenever it happens. It's like I'm reminded that He is there looking out for me, and that I shouldn't be so scared.

    Anybody just sometime feel just plain scared...of life?
  2. I believe that fear is God sent. God wants you to deal with it. It will teach you a valuable lesson!

    As a kid, being the eldest son, my parents use to ask me to run to our cottage on our plot and check that all the lights were off. It was a 400m run and always at night. The first few nights I was scared. Then I started to grasp that God is always with me. He never leaves my side. There are always monsters in the dark! Just as in life there are always people who are of their father the devil!

    Predators come out at night (n). But God never leaves our side (y). All predators run from us if we are in Christ, whether we feel confident or not. So be confident! ;)
  3. How can you possibly reconcile this with the number of times and contexts in which the word 'fear' appears in the New Testament?
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    Did God not send the devil to earth? Did God not put great white sharks in the sea? Did God not put man-eating lions in Africa? ;).
  5. Yes He did all that, but the New Testament is full of the directive to 'not fear', from the Lord Himself.

    I took in what you said about learning that God is with you, and it is a wonderful testimony you gave in that respect. Still, to say that fear is from God is difficult to substantiate from biblical texts, since they speak against fear consistently.

    For people consumed with one fear after another, it is confusing, or discouraging, to hear that 'fear is from God'. That's why I objected. A person in bondage might not be able to make any constructive use of your observation.
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  6. We were not given a spirit of fear. (Guess God don't send fear, huh?)

    58 times KJV to fear not
    48 times to be not afraid.
    Be of good courage, take no thought, be careful for nothing (Worry)

    Job said it was those things I feared that came upon me. Job lost his children, his stuff and was really sick.

    Fear just may not be worth the effort.

    Ack? God sends what? I'll pretend you never typed that, so it won't count.

    Blessing to everyone.
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  7. Isaiah 35:4

    4 Say to the fainthearted, “Be strong and unafraid!
    Here is your God; he will come with vengeance;
    with God’s retribution he will come and save you.”

    2 Timothy 1:7

    7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

    Matthew 6:13

    13 And do not lead us into temptation,
    But deliver us from the evil one.

    Psalm 55:22

    22 Give your worries to the Lord,
    and he will care for you.
    He will never let those who are good be defeated.
  8. Hey guys, do you think I missed the verse ''God has not given us a spirit of fear'' ??><??

    God DOES NOT give us a spirit of fear but he DOES / has given us night and all those things that go boo in the dark ;).
  9. This is how I understand this topic. God allows things. He may not be sending them directly, but letting them happen to test and purify us so that He may be glorified. It's how I see Job, and what Job went through.
  10. Use your little nightlight Brother KingJ. It will be OK.
  11. IMO:
    Being scared will remind us to seek the Lord...

    If fear will bring “knowing who we are”… then fear is good.

    I think it will reconcile:
    “Fear not, neither be fainthearted”
    “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”

    On the first: “knowing who we are” as loved by the Lord, who will never leave us nor forsake us: our fears are unfounded….

    On the latter: “knowing who we are” : our origin, our destination, "who we are" in the presence of the Almighty, our fear is founded: we seek His kingdom, righteousness of His Law and precepts….
  12. If they here, God put them here. But I agree with you that fallen angels and beasts only have as much power over us as God permits.
  13. I don't need to. God has not given me a spirit of fear despite being surrounded by millions and millions of fallen angels, snakes and spiders :p.
  14. Its a wording thing I guess. God definitely gave a lion teeth and a scorpion a sting to be feared.
  15. Fear is a great motivator to face reality. God put us as sheep amongst wolves. If we don't look to our shepherd we will fear. God would only be 'bad' if He never gave us a shepherd in Jesus.
  16. I present this thought to you.

    Fear is a distortion of reality and should not be considered.

    Why do I have to fear anything when I have the Word which is truth say something different. I have no fear and I am told to walk by faith and not by site. I am not moved or consider what I see or the evil report that comes to me but I am only moved and consider the Word of God.

    Fear does not even make sense, because it's really Faith for something bad to happen to you in the future and only a stupid person would put their faith into something bad for them for the future. We all have the Word and don't have to be stupid. right?
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  17. I can't agree with you Mike. There is good fear and bad fear.

    Fear of hell causes me to work out my salvation in fear and trembling before Him Phil 2:12.

    Fear of been eaten by lions causes me to avoid them / make sure I am right with God if I run into them.

    It all boils down to the simple fact that God gave us things to be very afraid of. But that in Him, we need not fear. I respect a lion because it can eat me. I respect God because He can send me to hell Matt 10:28.

    Wise people fear God. What evil person fears God? We don't serve God because we fear Him. We walk cautiously with Him because having served / known / tasted of Him, we know that a life without Him in hell is terrible and worth fearing.
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  18. Fear of The Lord is Good fear but it reverent fear.

    Wisdom is the principle thing. We don't avoid lions because we are fearful of lions, we avoid them because the discovery channel says they eat people. Lions don't bother me a bit.

    Tornadoes don't faze me.

    Hell does not bother me, I am not going to hell. I know it's a messed up place so we keep people from Going to hell by bringing them Jesus.

    We are never told to fear something in order to get something else right.

    As believers we are suppose to have ZERO fear of anything. We reverence and Fear God. Not like Afraid of him but that we are careful an mindful in all things to please him.

    Fear Has torment.................... Fear of anything is bad and not good. Fear does not tell me that picking up rattlesnakes is a bad idea. Wisdom tells me that picking up rattlesnakes is a bad idea. I am not afraid if one bites me, that can't hurt me.
    I am not going to tempt God and invite getting bitten though. I avoid them, but not afraid of them.

    Tornadoes don't bother me a bit, I am not afraid of them. They have to bow in the name of Jesus. I won't go find them or try to get hit by them, but if caught in one I just tell it to stop and it must obey. No need to fear a tornado.

    NO FEAR!!! zero.

    Look at the Lords response when they were afraid of the water coming in the boat, The Lord was not real happy with Peter when He started to sink. Told Jairus to Fear Not only believe and his daughter was Dead. Fear is not pleasing to the Lord and we should have nothing to do with Fear.

  19. I am not suggesting we live in fear that torments us. Those who don't have faith in Christ have millions of things to fear. Those things are ALL God sent. That is my only point. We are talking past each other :p.

    The only fear I do have as a Christian is coming home to an empty house and feeling I missed the rapture. You ever have that? Or you believe in OSAS?
  20. I believe a part of the problem with this discussion is again, failure to define terms.
    The words translated as "fear", would often be better translated as "respect".
    Often the scriptures say to "fear God". But, what faithful person in their right mind would
    "be afraid" of God? He is the only One who is really "on their side". The term "respect" would be much
    more appropriate and convey a more accurate meaning.
    When Christ said to "fear" him "who kills the body and sends the soul to Hell", the word "fear" is completely
    appropriate as generally understood (be wary of or afraid of).

    A faithful Christian should "fear nothing", what can possibly do him any real harm? To die is gain.
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