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    I did that once. Came home and wife and kids gone. That was the first thing I thought for some odd reason. I missed the Rapture and messed up somehow. It was real for a few moments.

    I think we do need to define terms. The same fear of the Lord that starts Wisdom is the same word God used to tell us to avoid at all cost.

    Fear will motivate someone, and fear of the Lord motivates them to serve God. It's not like afraid of God, its different. We don't fear the Lord in a sense we are scared of him.

    Rattlesnakes are something people can fear (Not that they should). They bite, they can poison and they are just snakes which lots of folks fear. I don't fear rattlesnakes. I don't pick them up either and play with them. Lack of fear does not dictate I need to lack wisdom.

    Lions don't bug me, as long as they are on animal planet and not in my living room. Wisdom dictates I don't walk up to wild lions and try to pet them.

    I did walk down to the beach in Oxnard Ca and pet the sea lions. They came up to me and were very friendly. They are huge and I was told later that was a dumb idea as not everyone makes it out alive from trying to pet the sea lions. Had I wisdom, I would not have gone down to pet them. I don't need to fear them, because wisdom takes care of fear. Never seeing real seal lions, I was curious and went down the rocks to check them out.

    You get the idea............ Being told the stove is Hot, is good enough for me.
  2. Glomung has said rightly in pointing out that fear in the times that this the Holy Spirit used this word in conjunction with fearing God meant to "greatly reverence" or "greatly respect". It's kind of like Tolkien using the word terrible to describe someone's face, it doesn't mean that it's an awful face or that it's poorly put together....

    So fearing God actually Scripturally has nothing to do with being afraid of God, but rather respecting and reverencing Him only.

    We are commanded to fear nothing and no one. Why? Because fear connects you to the Devil and opens the door for him to work in your life when you speak words in fear (which are really spoken as you having faith that something has the ability to or will harm you), just the same way that faith connects you to God and opens the door for Him to work in your life when you speak words in faith (speaking His Word and what He has commanded you to say via the Holy Spirit).
    Your faith-filled words (God's Word spoken out of your mouth) carry life in them and the creative power of God just the same way Jesus operated and bring about the results God promised they would.

    So Dumpster, God does not allow fear in your life, He doesn't have to, the Devil comes to everyone to steal, kill and destroy. Most especially once you have heard the Word of God preached to you or read it and are taking a stand to believe it and act on it. (See the parable of the sower to see what happens once people hear the Word; Mark 4, Luke 8, Matthew 12).
    All you have to do is respond with the Word, understanding that you have as much authority to speak it as God does as He has deputized you and made you exactly as righteous as He is. Shut the Devil down, NEVER accept or tolerate fear of ANY kind.

    Pray the Father that He would reveal to you any place that you have tolerated or allowed fear of any kind and then whatever He shows you, deal with it immediately and declare that you refuse to fear anymore in Jesus' name!

    Additionally, Jesus is our blueprint for success, when did He ever fear? When did God say He used fear to teach Him? Never and never.
  3. Although my fear is different im like you Still learning, when anxiety strikes i just clutch my bible...and look up .
  4. I think the opening poster should pray and fast to remove this fear from his/her heart. Also, it will be extremely helpful to share this with his/her whole church and, if possible, to organize a prayer meeting to pray for this problem.
  5. There is a revelation.............. We are to have ZERO fear of anything.

    More is in you than you know.
  6. Still learning just remember "fear" is the opposite of "faith". Fear moves the hand of the Devil, where faith moves the hands of God.
    Learn to speak the Word of God that says God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. The Devil does not want you to have faith in the spiritual world in which you have been translated into. I don't know how long you have been saved, but being a new Christian this is the area the enemy works the hardest to keep you in bondage from being at liberty to walk in the Spirit.
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  7. Now I like this post................ Not many have the revelation that Fear is exactly like faith in God's Word and just as powerful to bring evil things to pass in one's life, and give the devil free shots at you.

    we can't have more faith in somethings ability to harm us, than we should in all the scriptures God said he would protect us.
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  8. Consider the three Hebrew children in the book of Daniel...suddenly they found themselves about to be thrown into a massive toaster over...the momentary natural fear (not phobeo the sin, False Evidence Appearing Real) real actual threat (a Lion leaping at you or a mugger suddenly smashing you) is not evil, bade, or to be not had (it can save your life)...

    But when faced with this fearful dilemma what was their response...they professed and KNEW that their God could deliver them if He willed to, but they trusted Him so much that even if He would have chosen not to and let them be burned alive they would NOT bow down...

    You see this life is a fleeting moment in the is the blink of an eye...the trials and hardships we encounter here are miniscule compared to the glory that THIS world we WILL HAVE tribulations but be of good cheer you are in HIM and He has overcome the world...He will come to get you I promise...

    When one understands the shalom (peace) of God and His perfect love there is no need to fear evil itself...yes your heart my pound and your imagination will fire up...but you are okay no matter what is happening here, you are IN CHRIST...and He is IN YOU...this is what it means to be one with Him as He was one with the Father (John 17)...even if it wee His will for you to be one of His precious martyrs...this would even be better though it might not seem so at that moment in chronos time...

    As far as insecurity of the future? That is a battle we all fight daily...struggling here, juggling there, I was unemployed once for five years...nine people in my house...God made the resources available and worked hard to access every one believing that if I sought first the Kingdom of God and humbly submitted to/admitting my need for HIS righteousness He would supply our basic needs...and He all that time their were many changes (I even returned to school for a semester)...but we were not homeless, we had clothing to where that was functional and appropriate, and never a day went by when we did not have something to was hard to endure but I learned to faithe...God IS faithful....His grace IS amazing

    Be anxious for nothing...the peace of God can rule your heart and mind in Christ Jesus...His perfect love will cast out all the phobeo fear (if you can really put your trust in Him and then take action to do or not do, as He leads)

    Christ in you is the eager expectation of the glory that awaits...look forward to that

    In His love

    brother Paul

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