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  1. Jeff is not in coooohooots with this SuperAntiSpyware if it is showing up here. This program attempts to install junk to call in reinforcements that are updated to avoid detection. Not a good thing at all.

    is this showing up with both chrome and firefox? is it browser plugin that sneaked in somewhere?
    Also make sure that you check your uninstall options and that speedpc max is not somehow installed.
    It may be possible and only other thing I can think of. (In Windows)
    speedPc max when you connected switched your browsing to a proxy. If this is the case it would explain how you get other stuff and can't find it anywhere. You would not even know you were browsing through a proxy and you would notice internet slowdown to some extent.

    So follow along to make sure........This is Windows 7

    click on start button (big windows icon bottom left) then on the right panel select control panel. In the control panel will be tons of stuff, look for the one called "Internet Options" and select that.

    Next with internet options window open find the connections tab at top and pick that.

    at the bottom left will be a button called Lan settings, click that. The only thing that should be checked is the automatically check settings button. If proxy is checked with some address then you found your issues.

    click orange top left button that says firefox. Pick options then pick options again.

    now click on the "Advanced tab"

    Next click on the Network tab.

    The very first option labeled "connection"
    configure how firefox connects to the internet (Settings button)

    click the settings button and make sure no proxy is active.

    try these, I know speedpcmax changes peoples way they connect to the internet if you run into this Malware even one time. They do this by setting a proxy for you and Malwarebytes won't think a proxy set is a virus.
  2. I've blocked those urls now. They should not show up again.
  3. I have no proxy settings set. I haven't checked Firefox yet, but (as I think I mentioned before) I get the ads using Chrome, and I just checked out IE now and got the ad. (Blocking didn't seem to help.)
  4. That is Awesome. I can not think of any other thing to check. (Which don't mean much) Jeff admitted to blocking URL's....... ummmm I think it's Jeff we keep an eye on :)

    Blessings to both of ya.
  5. Actually I did leave out because while I was briefly researching into the reasons you gave as to why the urls need to be blocked, I found out that Google did not label as malware.
    May be you are referring to rcg dot tv which is labelled unsafe.
    Or is there something else to rcg?

    Haha. I did admit to blocking urls. :D I wanted to mention about rcg but I was in a hurry to leave and I thought may be rcg was mistakenly put up there instead of another similar url.
  6. is not malware, but it is a cult website for The Restored Church of God. It's leader, David Pack, follows WCG's founder Herbert Armstrong teachings.
  7. I didn't know that. I did suspect it might be some king of cult but I wasn't sure. I'll block it as well. Thank you.
  8. I looked at ads on the forum using my Android phone and didn't see anything notable except for a Mary Baker Eadie (Christian Science) ad. I noticed a bunch of blog ads I've never seen on my computer. I guess the malware ads are replacing those.

    When I have time, I'm going to get on the forum via a live-boot CD to see what comes up. That should bypass all hidden malware, cookies, etc. that I may have.
  9. I got on the forum using an old Ubuntu live-boot CD, and the only suspicious ad I got was for myturbopc (low WOT rating) when I viewed this thread.
  10. This site meaning CFS? We don't have Quantcast here and it's not possible our host has put anything on our site. I have ghostery and it does not list Quantcast.
  11. I don't have that listed here any more. Keep in mind you changed stuff and I posted that when the thread first came active so that was awhile ago. I don't have Quantcast anymore. It's not a horrible thing and could have piggybacked in but that was back some when we first started the thread. (Come in off Google Adsense?)

    The only thing I see showing now is 7 and they are all Facebook and Twitter if that makes you feel better. Everything is great!!! and thank you for caring and answering concerns.

    Your blessed Jeff.
  12. Ah okay. Yes, you are right about that. Before I made the changes before this thread I did have a Quantcast script for Analytics purposes. I never used it and it was loaded into the site via a third party tag manager. As soon as I found this old script I removed it. It was a while back.
  13. Your doing a great Job Jeff, as Long as we don't have to run Ad-block, Ghostery, and 3 different virus checkers just to visit this site safely, I think we will be just fine. Quantcast is not listed as overtly evil. Ads do run the internet and people never stop to think who pays for all of it.
  14. I cleared out all my cookies and, so far, I've seen the "Christian Forum Site Advertising" ad about 10 times in a row with nothing else.

    I also appreciate your efforts, Jeff. :)
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  15. I'm trying something new. I'm going to try and sell the ad space by myself. Google Adsense has been disabled for now. If this works out, then we won't be needing Adsense at all.

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