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  1. Is it safe to say most actors are evil? The bible says anything that comes out of the mouth is from the heart. So even though these people are pretending, the fact that certain words are coming out of their mouth means its in their heart, right?

    Example: Heath Ledger in his batman role. Or the movie tropic thunder makes jokes about it. Robert Downy Jr plays as an actor who is acting as an actor that is African American. Towards the end of the movie he can't stop pretending to be the character. I wonder if the reason they make this joke, is because it is something that is common. Where actors will play rolls and then after the acting is done feel that they still have some of the characteristics of the person they were playing.
  2. You ask some strange questions. I bet your wife is a nervous wreck listening to you all the time. :)

    Seriously though, I don't think they are necessarily evil but most of them are hypocrites. Example would be an anti-gun person glamorising guns in a shoot em up movie.
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  3. I feel for his wife. :p

    They could be evil. They could be saved. Who can know the heart but the Lord?
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  4. Nah, she's not a nervous wreck, she's pretty solid. But I have toned down, now that I can post all my thoughts here. :)

    Good point on the anti-gun example. My thought is that anyone that pursues a career in acting does it for selfish reasons, they want to be idolized. To me that would appear to be pure evil, because only God should be idolized.

    Did you know in some countries they will not allow an actor as a witness in a court, because they are considered to be professional liars. HAHA!
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  5. You will know them by their fruits?
  6. Yeah. That's true. But sometimes it can be hard to tell.
  7. True. And of course I'm not going to go around trying to figure out if every single celebrity is saved.. However, I could Google list of celebrities that follow scientology :rolleyes:
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    I would not call "acting" evil, but I am sure that will be times where ones acting would cause one to compromise their thoughts and or beliefs.

    2Co 11:13, For such people are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ.
    2Co 11:14, And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.
    2Co 11:15, It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.
  9. With all due respect, but the passage is in regards to what we say on behave of ourselves, which is true -- but not when someone is reading a script.

    In fact, many people lie and not everything someone says is from the heart, which is a separate issue.
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  10. I always thought about actors getting involved in kissing scenes.. How should that be considered? They are kissing someone elses's husbands or wives! Isn't that wrong? Though it is in the name of acting, they are really kissing.. It is happening physically.. I don't know if there is any actor who has never kissed in any scene.. May be there are some exceptions..
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  11. Thank you for the respect. I also respect your post. I understand that you are saying the passage is in regards to what we say on behave of ourselves.. But Ravindran makes a good point. When they kiss someone, even though they are acting, it's still really happening.

    I mean I could make the argument that when they are in a sex scene, it's not really a sin, because what they are doing is not on behave of themselves.. But of course we probably would all agree that that argument would be complete rubbish, right?
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  12. I think you are on to something. A preacher who stands at the pulpit is 'extra' accountable for all he says as he is ....on the front of is television any different? A Christian who portrays himself as some actors guilty of stumbling others ...just like a preacher. No debate!
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  13. I think the content and reason behind it is what matters. For example, I'd argue simulating a sex scene is wrong because of its immodesty which is literally visible, even if it's only simulated.

    Certain dialog ought not be said or promoted if it's portrayal is put in a good light.

    But even if I were to agree that every word muddered by an actor is actually then saying it, it's strange to say they're evil. I think many people who do very wrong things aren't even evil. If I were to grant it, I'd at least suggest misguided.

    Take Richard Dawkins for example. This guy despises religion, hates Christianity, and thinks God is a joke...but I wouldn't suggest he is evil, but rather misguided.

    (This wasn't said to begin a discussion of Dawkins. It's an example).

    But likewise, if an actor actually IS immoral in real life but plays the role of a saintly figure, would this person's character's actions be accounted for in judgment? Or would it be recognized as acting and not their own behalf?
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  14. Instead of not calling it evil I suggest we scale evil. Any state outside of Christian is evil but not necessarily beyond hope / all out evil.
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  15. I'm not sure. I'm not suggesting you're wrong, but I think it's a bit more complex than that.
    I think only good can come from God. I think many non-Christians who do believe in God (namely Jews) actually do try to pursue the good that they know comes from God. While they are wrong in rejecting Christ, we do have a legitimately common God and common enemy...and we know where goodness comes from.

    But taking it a step further, I also think even agnostics and atheists can know morality. They can't justify it or explain why such-and-such is good, but they can divide it. They just can't understand where goodness comes from, but they often agree that it is right to help someone who has fallen and reject something that is clearly wrong, like rape. I'm speaking generally of course because there is still much disagreement on other things. For argument's sake, let's keep it simple and look at the principle.

    I do think God's goodness does extend even to those who can't see where it comes from.

    I'm only making a suggestion that perhaps evil is only the lack of goodness. And if even those who don't know where goodness comes from can actually do what is good purely because it is right, then perhaps it's not evil. But actions, even with good intentions, can be very misguided. And misguides are a subject of imprudence, not evil.
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  16. Our Father is either God or the devil. There is no neutral ground for those past the age of accountability.

    Rebellion = rebellion. There are levels of rebellion and all levels = evil in God's books.

    I really do not like the definition 'evil = lack of good or dark = lack of light' with regards to God. 'Evil' is a state of heart rebellion to God. Adding good works to that state is considered dead works for a reason.

    However... clearly we are seeing the same thing from different angles. The atheists, Jews, agnostics etc are alive for a reason. A satanic nature / being in a state of rebellion / evil does not equal all hope is lost.

    It is as simple as scaling evil / rebellion. The OT shows this as clear as daylight. Look at God's anger level with idolaters in Exodus 32. Then compare that to His toleration and patience with Nineveh. All evil, yet some more evil.

    It is not misguided or subjects of imprudence. When you know X is wrong and Y is right it is a willful act of rebellion / giving in to sin. A decision to be evil / jump in mud. There are acts of imprudence, sure, but age of accountability = age of accountability and brains = accountable.
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  17. That's my point. I don't think they all know it's wrong. I think many actually think it's objectively right.
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  18. Nono... We are not supposed to call people evil, Satanic, tools of Satan, or demonic. People can be wicked, but being wicked means troubled. I would really hate it that when I become a celebrity (a writer and singer) a person would call me evil, and I won't join Illuminati either... But the Illuminati singers are not evil. The Illuminati corporation IS evil, but not the people in that corporation. And it's okay to listen to music of unbelievers or watch movies or read b0oks of unbelievers, as long as the singers don't blaspheme, or objectify women (or men), or sing about drugs, crimes, or demon stuff. And all movies and books are okay as long as they are just fictional, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and Narnia are okay, and other fantasy movies too, but not movies about real Satan worshipping or Paganism. And the sins in the movies just show the thing that what we are not supposed to do. A movie without any sin at all would be pretty boring because then there is no plot...
  19. That's because the illuminati has brainwashed us all to think that ;). Being good = boring. No murder = boring. No sex = boring. Some days I agree with that. Then after I pray, read the bible or go to church I realize how sick my mind is.

    Think about the movies with selflessness in them. Those where the hero dies for someone else. Aren't those good movies? Forest Gump (y). Saving Private Ryan (y). Shawshank redemption (y). Every actor in those movies could be saved....unlike 'Game of thrones' (n)...
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  20. ...

    Like we are supposed to watch just Duck Dynasty, right? The Illuminati has NOT brainwashed anyone. Sorry.
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