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Discussion in 'Christian Webmasters' started by Where is the Messiah, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. I finally created my AC forum! I have never created one before, so it really was a learning process. From deciding to use PHPbb, to Vbulletin etc, everything seemed like such a long process. Even figuring out how to change the title, and all of that stuff took me awhile. PhPbb is a lot different compared to what I'm use to working with, wordpress is what I'm more comfortable with.

    The forum is called HVACLounge. The reason I wanted to create it is because most of the forums related to this specific niche make it hard to gain access to all of the content that is useful. So I figured I would try to make a forum that is more simple to use. I'm going to be adding tons of content that I think will help others, like DIY's, and any information that I think might help people that are interested in learning about the field.

    The forum still has a lot of work, but I figure if I continue to work on it a little each day, it will soon become something that is useful. When I first started on it, I was asking a lot of questions on this forum. So I just wanted to give an update on where I was at with the project, and thank everyone here that was so patient with all the questions I was asking in regards to it. :)

    It is really nice to be apart of this community of believers. Thanks again guys, and God bless!
  2. May I request prayer over my new forum?
  3. What host does christianforumsite use?
  4. no! anymore questions? :)
  5. I'm using godaddy, but I'm afraid go daddy is not going to be able to handle the traffic that I generate. What host would you recommend Mitspa?
  6. I just realized it's Saturday. Mods probably won't answer until tomorrow.
  7. How are you advertising to get people to find site
  8. You know how ignorant I am of the whole internet thing?:(
  9. Hey you two guys could help each other...(y)
  10. I've been doing keyword research for a couple of days. I've been searching for low competitive keywords that still have a high monthly search volume.

    So far I only have about 100 keywords.
  11. So you want us to believe..
  12. No I really am..but even a blind squirrel can find a nut on occasion :cool:

    I don't want Into joy to see this, but I have laughed every time I think of him calling me "nuts-spa" :LOL:
  13. HAHA! I did too, but thought you took offense to it.
  14. I will tell ceile de my secret methods, but not publicly.
  15. Well I did but it was still funny!...
  16. It was so subtle. No caps or anything. It could almost be mistaken as accidental.
    nut-spa reminds me of squirrels in a spa for some reason lol
  17. Next time you gotta pick a name like mine. I can't think of any way a person could make fun of where is the messiah
  18. Hey maybe a mod or anyone can help me with this..I'm using phpbb. I have added mod for tapatalk. The install was successful but when I go onto tapatalk to find my forum I get nothing. What am I doing wrong?
  19. Hey..your California friends are little harsh...? Don't want to get some kind of hit put out on me? lol
  20. Lol I have no idea what that guys talking about. A lot of people that are on my friend list are from high school. So I'm not sure where they stand with Christ.

    I remember that guy use to always say crazy things in high school,

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