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Discussion in 'Christian Webmasters' started by Where is the Messiah, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. Come on? that's really your Pastor? lol
  2. You had friends in High School? What did they think about you carrying around that cat?
  3. Lol yes he actually said there is no such thing as a bad word and there is nothing biblical that supports saying certain words is a sin. Bad thoughts not bad words.

    However, you will not see me cussing. I'm too classy for such talk, and choose to excessive a wider vocabulary.
  4. Not sure how one can speak bad words apart from bad thoughts? But not trying to judge anyone... Just a little surprised to see that word pop up...after we have been on these forums and such... the world can seem a little harsh?
  5. Hey is that your daughter of wife I have been speaking too? You better tell me so I don't get you into trouble! lol
  6. The world is very harsh.
  7. You already got me in trouble! You told her I told you I'm not married. I never told you that.
  8. I thought it was funny but your posting publicly for mother in laws to read.
  9. lol I add the "lol" to make it appear as a joke.. just tell her I try to be funny but kind of miss the mark sometimes:D
  10. Oh crap! I did get you in trouble...I cant post on that subject anymore.. I was going to try and fix what I said!
  11. tell her I am very sorry..and ask for her forgivness? Remind her of Jesus and tell her Im just a dumb country boy that barely knows how to use a computer:(
  12. lol no worries. I just re-read the one convo with you and the other guy. I think he was trying to joke with you too, but he is also not good at the jokes. Both of you guys need to leave the jokes to the clowns!
  13. You would like that..wouldn't you? Everybody knows I have a better sense of humor than you do!:cool:
  14. Maybe you should create a thread asking people who they think is funnier.
  15. No, you would just put up a bunch of silly pictures to sway the vote... you like those cheap laughs.. I like those that take some intellectual ability to understand..:cool:
  16. whats some good add-ons for xenforo?
  17. hope your not asking me?... cause I have never had that condition..:)
  18. Now, you guys can't escape me.. And I can't escape from you either :)

    Where.. I thought you are on old guy! Don't know why :)
  19. Nope...we very well could be friends for life now Rav?....:) besides I get thrown off these forums a lot and always think about the godly people I have gotten to know and love in Christ.
  20. Funny, me too Rav... I thought he was an old white

    Kinda like the old biker type...

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