2mii: Are You Ready For The Love Of Marriage? (3:49)

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    Let me know what you think CFS =]
  2. Good sermon brother...be cautious of titles..."pastor" is a term that gets many into trouble, but I hope in the Lord that you will grow into the truth of the title.. Just some advice, you might want to refrain from that title as you minister on the forums and such.. Call your self a youth leader at your church or whatever...but some have different views of what the term "pastor" means and it could cause you some needless rejection in the formats of the forums...just some advice..:)
  3. My friend Mitspa is so very correct! When some people here those words "Pastor", they will then use those very words to condemn something you might say later.

    "You are a pastor and you think that kind of nonsense? What kind of pastor are you?"

    What happens in the mind of people who are challenged on a certain observation is that they revert to a personal attack on you so as to defeat the comment you have made. Not because you are wrong BUT because it shows them that they are wrong and they simply can not handle it.

    Hang in there but remember, Christian web sites are not like your church.
  4. Thank you both for that wisdom! It's something I haven't considered before, but sounds very reasonable.

    Innocent as doves but wise as serpents! That's something somebody's told me last night, and it's applicable here too. Good looking out, I will remember this in the future =]

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