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Your Servant Witness

Discussion in 'Thoughts for Today' started by SueJLove, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. This song is a prayer of petition to my Lord. It is a prayer seeking his face, his guidance and his counsel. It asks of the Lord that I may listen to him, and that I may follow Him in truth. I ask that He gently lead me in His service, and that He guide my steps and give me strength. I want to be filled with his love and mercy, and for that love and mercy to spill over into my relationships with the people in my life, and the people I meet face to face on a daily basis.

    My heart’s desire is that I would always be willing and ready to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to not shrink back when given the opportunity. I want to show God’s love to people in caring for their needs, too. Most of all, and this is all encompassing, I want to be like Jesus in all that I do, think and say. I want Him to always be King of my heart and for me to follow him in complete obedience wherever He leads me.

    Your Servant Witness / An Original Work / March 13, 2012

    Humbly I bow, Lord, before You,
    Bringing my requests to You.
    May I listen; hear You speaking.
    May I follow You in truth.
    Gently lead me in Your service.
    Guide my steps and strengthen me.
    Fill me with Your love and mercy.
    May I live for Thee!

    Let me be Your servant witness,
    Telling others of Your grace.
    May I always share the gospel
    With those I meet face to face.
    May I show the love of Jesus,
    Caring for the needs of men;
    Be Your servant witness always
    For my Lord, Amen!

    My desire to be like Jesus,
    Living for Him ev’ry day.
    May I obey all His teachings
    Given me, so I’ll not stray.
    Love You, Jesus, Lord, my master.
    You are the King of my heart;
    Follow You where’er You lead me;
    Not from You depart!


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