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  1. which is your favourite job to do.

    Mowing lawns
    Hanging out washing/laundry
    Washing dishes
    Cleaning the bathroom
    Cleaning the toilet
    Cleaning windows
    Shopping for groceries
    Feeding the animals
  2. Out of that lot, it at least used to be mowing the lawn.

    Feeding the animals would be next but I don't like the smell of cat and dog food. I'm OK with the pouches we get now but I hate it when I wind up having to spoon it out of a tin.

    Shopping for groceries is easy (at least the main weekly shop) - we do it online.

    I don't enjoy household chores and except for my room, rarely do them here. I do cook the occasional meal but the way things work at home, we all have our regular bits and my role is mostly household maintenance and odd jobs. Wind the clock, make sure batteries for things like lantern are charged, change light bulbs (although I've just finished changing the house to LED so I hope it's a long while before a bulb needs changing), repair the computers, fit a burglar alarm, fix the pond pump, etc. At least that's the way it usually works. When mum had her hip replaced for example, I became head cook for a while...
  3. Yep spooning it out of a tin is messy. We use a knife for jellimeat.

    Do you get groceries delivered when you shop online? I dont know many people that do that only of they just cant get to the shops.

    My favourite is hanging out the washing. But only on a sunny day. If its raining just wait for it to pile up lol.

    Dad mows the lawns although I dont like it in summer when the whole neighbour hood mows their lawns esp on weekends what a racket.
  4. Dusting, without a doubt.
  5. Yes. There are transport difficulties here as my mother is the only one who can drive to the shops. The nearest to me is a garage about 1 mile away which is OK for odds and ends but relatively expensive. The nearest supermarkets are about 3 miles away. Also at 80, she doesn't want to be pushing trolleys round and loading them into the car. My own problems include being prone to anxiety attacks in places like that...

    All the same, in easier circumstances, provided there was a time someone was going to be in to be able to accept the delivery, I'm pretty sure we'd still opt to have the main weekly shop delivered.

    I think the time slot we usually take costs about £2. When you compare that to the cost of petrol to get to and fro the supermarket, the hassle of getting through town in the summer, the hassle of parking, the time it takes, etc. IMO that makes the£2 cost very good value for money.

    I don't have that problem here. The only other mowers I hear come from a semi close to us and I don't think there's been a time in my memory where all 3 mowers (our round the back is done by a gardener who does 1 hr per week here) have been going at once.
  6. I like to mow the lawn, work in the yard. We are going to be putiing in some raised garden beds this fall in order to have them ready for the spring for planting. We just have to watch the temperature. It gets hot here and I did get too hot one time.
    We bought a house that the yard had not been taken care of very well. So I'm having to cut down undesireable trees and shrubs. Next spring, we are putting in new grass.
    I studied horticulture and landscaping in college, eons ago, (has it really been that long ago?). So I really do enjoy making a yard look nice.
    As for as my job goes, I love working in the post office. Im a rual mail carrier. I love meeting the people during the drive time, I have a USB drive loaded with worship music. I get to spend time in worship and praying. It is an awesome time. I've definitely gotten closer to God during this time.

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