You know what time it is?

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by violet, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. You know what time it is?

    Time for~

    It's that kind of weather!

  2. Well, here I am bumpin' my own thread!
  3. Beef stew so thick you can stand a spoon up in it- umm!:D
  4. sure. 5:00
  5. planting bulbs time, I have a whole load of daffodils, crocuses and tulip bulbs to plant. I need to do it soon.
  6. That's the way I like it too! :)
  7. Hmm, well I like puddings - like apple crumble, golden syrup pudding, bread and butter custard with icecream - yum! Nothing like pumpkin soup with chunky bread either!

    Of course these are all things we have in Aus, don't know whether you have them in the US - and it's spring here at the mo, not Autumn.
  8. Is pumpkin soup something sweet?
  9. Nope, savoury. I believe you don't eat pumpkin like we do here. It's a side vegetable - like mashed potato we have mashed pumpkin.

    Pumpkin Soup

    2 cups chopped pumpkin (japala)
    1 cup chopped potato
    1 onion chopped
    milk (or cream)
    Chicken stock
    cracked pepper

    Put all ingredients(except milk) in a saucepan and add enough chicken stock to cover. Simmer until veges are soft. Blend with a stick blender until smooth then finally stir in milk until desired consistency is acheived (I like it fairly thick). finally add pepper to taste.
    Serve with crusty bread or parmesan croutons. Yum!
  10. A sense of humor! :):D
  11. Is it soupy or thicker, like mashed potatoes?

  12. Hey butterflywings....I give up on planting bulbs cause every time I do the squirrels come along and dig them up and eat them.... Unless you have a solution for that. They are also making a mess in my flower pots, throwing dirt all over the place.
  13. Violet.... I have made pumpkin soup like that. It is very good ... You can make it as thick as you like or thin.
  14. Squirrels are rats that live in trees- they sure can do alot of damage!
  15. Ausgirl.... I think what you call pumpkin might be what we call squash cause I have made a squash soup that way.

  16. Yah, and they are pests. I am always chasing them away cause they come right up to my window and the cats go wild and I have watched them tease the cats. I guess they know the cats. can't get out.
  17. Well.... This is a japala pumpkin

    and this is a button squash

    The top one is what we use for the soup and yes violet, it is like a soup, not the consistency of mashed potatoes. Depending on how you like it, you add more milk (or cream).

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  18. Ausgirl.... Nope our pumpkins are yellow on the outside.. Your squash look a little like ours but we have different squash called butternut or acorn. I'll try to find a picture.

    That's our pumpkin.


    and these are our squash

  19. I have very smart squirrels, thank you~

  20. [​IMG]This is butternut pumpkin - which according to wikipedia, is also called butternut squash in the US. So it is safe to say, you call them squash, we call them pumpkins!

    The squash pictured above are more in the zuchini (corgette) family and is about the size of or smaller than a cupcake (we call them patty cakes btw!).

    Isn't language wonderful!

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