Yes I know it. I'm not a very good poet. XD

Discussion in 'Literature and Poetry' started by Mark_18, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Yes I know it. I'm not a very good poet. XD

    But I do have a good message. :D

    My head up high,
    the bigger picture is my life;
    my motivation.

    Little things hold me down for a second.
    Cloud my vision and confuse me.
    Some push me along.
    Some just abuse me.

    The bigger picture.
    The ultimate good.
    This is my focus. The promise of God.
    He's always delivered more than I thought He would.

    The heavens up high. The truth I can't deny.
    Why would I bother to sweat the little things now?

    Jesus said it best, with the graceful motion that was His life.
    He is clearly my savior. Before Him I will bow.

    He is the Messiah, my God up high I lift!
    The bigger picture is His creation.
    Oh how perfect is the fruit of the spirit that accepts this gift!

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