Yelling in the home

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  1. Do you deal with this:
    “It seems like my house is so full of yelling. Just to normally communicate something like “May I have Juice” my 2 to screams it at unnecessary decibels. Then there’s the fighting where they both just scream until I scream at them to stop. I’ve got to figure out some way to stop all this yelling.”​
    Here was my reply:
    I read this thread with great interest. After having been in education and working with families for more than 25 years I have seen my share of yelling.

    First, lets differentiate between speaking loudly and yelling.

    You can read the remainder of the reply here:
  2. Good reply. You definitely qualified for the question :).

    I see yelling as a bad habit. Most commonly from a lack of God's annointing in the house, causing tension.
  3. Excerpt:
    “Let me explain because this is a VERY important point. Our kids are born with an amazing ability to not listen to WHAT we SAY, but instead to watch WHAT we DO!”

    Immediately show certain sign language to remind the kids.

    Very interesting! Speaking loudly vs. yelling...

    Hope it can still work with adults.

    I’ll try to do this with my girlfriend who speaks so loud on her cell phone : )

    thanks! : )
  4. In many cases a consistently calm and relatively quiet response tones things down. Not reacting to the yelling and not responding in kind helps take the energy levels down.
  6. This quote popped up online the other day and it has been sitting with me ever since. Neither James nor I are constant yellers, but lately there has been much more than we'd like. Granted, our tempers are short due to stress, lack of sleep, illness, pregnancy and work overload, but if I deep down felt like any of these were adequate excuses, then this quote wouldn't be sitting on my mind so heavily.
    The problem lately has been raised voices over insignificant things. Two things are the big culprits: kids not listening and toys underfoot.

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