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  1. Worship Leading

    Paul Washer said in one of his sermons, about worship leading, that it's like if you were to stand in the street and just stare straight up. People will look at you, then look to where you're looking, trying to see what you're looking at.

    Same with a worship leader, we listen to the singers and watch them move their hands, eyes, anything, and feel at their emotions. Looking at these things we look for what they're looking at. So then they can be showing us to things of God and in the heavens that they're looking at.

    I just love good genuine worship music where God's Spirit seams to stay in even the recording, and take you up when you listen and seek.
  2. My brother Mark; I believe you have that EXACTLY correct...what a concise description of what a worship leader is and does...a worship leader is a servant of God; worshipping HIM first and presenting their offerings to God in public so that others will desire to enter into worship with them "leading the way"...As a worship leader of many years...I have found that my singing, movements, expressions are NOT what I should focus on...as a professional singer/musician, I have learned that the talent and gift in me is under control and has been discipline to fully yeild to the power of the Holy Spirit in me...with that, I can totally focus on presenting my offerings of praise to Our Lord. I did not set out to be a worship leader; it was not something that I desired. I did not want to "be seen of men" as offering my praises to God; this has been the "sacrifice of praise" for me. I was a vocalist; soloist, choir member and even small ensemble vocalist...the Lord moved me into praise and worship because He seeks those to worship Him.

    John 4:23
    But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.

    Mark; I can talk on worshipping God all day; I guess my name worshipper is really
    fitting. Thanks for starting this thread; I hope it gets many to think about the :pray: worship that God deserves and that we are being sought by Him to offer to Him. :p

  3. This great love should stir passions flame in each heart. Worshipping God is both deep communion and intimate expression of love.
  4. Bo, I know that I was stirred in my spirit when I first saw a true worshipper of God; though he is a psalmist and wonderful singer, he is first and foremostly a servant of God who worships Him openly...leading others to desire the intimacy with their Heavenly Father...

    I remember sitting in front of his piano as he sang "You are beautiful my Lord"...I turned my eyes away and ever so humbly said " Oh, Lord, I shouldn't look upon him, he is LOVING You!" (knowing that a person displays everything to God in worship)...The Lord replied "how are they to know what worship is unless they see it"...I said "GULP" and somehow I KNEW in my spirit that He was calling me to do the same thing!

    He is gracious to have taught me the worship that He desires:whole hearted, single-minded honest and humble admiration with thanksgiving to Him...

    For anyone who thinks that it would "be fun" to lead worship; THINK AGAIN...it takes everything you have and then a whole other world of what you don't have yet...You must DIE to your flesh and be willing to be a living sacrifice (Romans 12) everyday of your life!!! THEN to give up your right to yourself and open your life for the world to see...

    There is no other life for me, I am a confessed worshipper of the Living God. I am hooked!!!:D I love this topic...HALLELUJAH!!!! For more, see my blog titled: Confessions of a worshipper ;)
  5. It is an awesome topic, I like hearing from you about it Worshipper.

    I've been wondering what my skills are and what purpose I serve for God, and I only have a sincere passion for Him, and things of the spirit, not of this world.

    Do you ever find you can't possibly sing properly cause the emotions get too much? Does it ever become impossible to sing in english any longer, and you have to praise in tounges?
  6. Spiritual gifts and service in the Kingdom of God


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