world run as a business

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  1. world run as a business

    when will the sick become unprofitable?and cast off like all other branches that have no use for his plan.
  2. Can you be a little more specific? i haven't finished my coffee yet.
  3. when your business has unprophitable areas,the business closes them area,s.i can,t be more specific than that.:eek:
  4. Wake up call christianity is not a buiseness its a lifestyle.Its kniowuing Him who is truth and following Him.Lord have mercy on me and open my eyes to see and know truth.Yeshua is Lord.
  5. And woe to all those who peddle the gospel and fleece the sheep.Yeshua is Lord.
  6. Freely we have recieved and freely are we to give.yESHUA IS lORD.

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