Without Him saving my family, I wouldn't be exist in this world

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  1. Hi all,
    I want to share testimony from my family, my grandmother always told about all His works in her life. I even could make a book for this (because it's so much testimonies!). :D
    I know that my grandmother's family very active in their Christian faith, even in very dangerous situation, they still believe in God! When I heard this, any people would runaway or being scared. When my grandmother still in her 20s, she had a youngest brother, 12 years old, he made their aunt (their uncle's wife) angry, it's just a child words but she took it seriously, then she ordered her son in law to kill all my grandmother's family. Well, they don't know the plan, until their neighbor, an army wife suddenly came to them, crying and told them to runaway far from there because she heard that they will be assassinated tonight! But my great grandfather just refused and said that they will never runaway.
    That night, without electricity (cut by those bad people) they sleeping with the moonlight, until around midnight, my great grandpa and my grandma hear the front and back doors being unlocked, then my great grandpa told them to kneel and pray, they raised their hands up and pray to God that if this what He wants, they will die tonight and they surrender their lives to God. While they wait, those people never appeared! They wait until morning. In the morning, my grandma's relative come to them and told them that he had a strange dream, he'd been told by a voice to go to my grandma's family and told them about a house that they could live.
    They moved there and thought they know who the mastermind behind that, they didn't go to her and angry. Until a week after that, a car accident happened in front of their new house, the son in law died with the pipe stabbed through his chest. I don't know about 2 other men (there are 3 men that night). After that accident, her aunt comes and crying asking them to forgive her.
  2. wow very interesting!

    when it your time its your time...
  3. Great testamony, thank you for sharing.
  4. Psalm 105:15 NIV “Do not touch my anointed ones; do my prophets no harm.” I just remember this verse when I heard other people had also similar situation like this, a preacher said this verse once. His Words really true because in this verse it's not just human writing in any book. :)
  5. Wow simply amazing. God protects his children its amazing they were ready to die, that's sorta my limit. I'm afraid of death,but your grandparents were so brave. Amazing. :)
  6. Yeah it's amazing, their faith is so strong, when normal people would try anything to escape their death, but some people will surrender all in God's hand. I'm afraid of death too but I don't know what will I do when I'm in a situation like that.

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