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    So has anyone tried out Windows 7 yet? It's supposed to come out this month and I just wanted to see what everyone's thoughts and opinions are. I've tried the Release Candidate of it, and to me it's like Vista with a little more of the XP feel about it. To me it seems like Service Pack 3 for Vista! :p
  2. Yes indeed it is quite similar to Vista. If your serious planning on going ahead with it i would suggest waiting for an initial 3-4 months after the release. There's usually gonna be a lot of bugs and fixes initially before they release a newer version of it :smiley90:

  3. I've converted over 10 users to it so far and everyone has loved it. There have been unique challenges in every instance, but success in that regard just comes down to you having a quality computer guy handling this for you.

    Windows 7 is basically a fast version of Windows Vista. In my opinion the Beta version was much better than Vista w/ SP2. Along those lines I have been using Office 2010 Beta. It is better than Office 2007 w/ SP2. It is basically a fast version of Office 2007.

    If you can skip over Vista and Office 2007 then you will be much better off.
  4. I had Vista, it didn't work that well and crashed within 6 months. Went back to Windows.
  5. I plan on switching in awhile, after the bugs are found, reported and patches made available. As with all new releases from Microsoft, they have a tendency to go only so far before shipping, then rely on the users to report issues so they can make patches.
  6. I have Windows 7 and it is awesome! Most of the bugs that were in Vista are gone. Is it perfect? No, but it is alot closer. After all, every other version is the better one.
  7. Take it from a computer programmer just stick with vista (beside the fact I dought all the bugs are worked out of it) you don't really need windows 7. I just recently upgraded my computer to vista I use XP till then and the only reason I upgraded was because my friend let me have his old vista disk. Seriously if it's not broken don't fix it.
  8. So far, for me, I like Windows 7 better than Vista. It just seems more responsive, has some nice features, and just feels more stable. All this w/o Service Pack 1?

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