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  1. Any body get this yet? I chickened out. I use win7 ultimate and am extremely pleased with it. What would win 10 offer me that win 7 doesn't?
  2. New headaches I'm guessing... the same from XP to Win7. I don't have it. I bought Office 2013 and hate it... everything is flat. All the colors and buttons and everything is monochrome so it's "faster". Right. I'm guessing Win 10 is the same way, but I'm not changing anytime soon :)
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  3. Yes, I have it, but I went from Windows 8.1, not 7. Couldn't get off of the 8 platform fast enough! To be honest, I would wait if I were you, for all of the bugs to be worked out. I would get it within a year though, because after that it won't be free any more. I have read nothing but good reviews about it on sites like CNET and PCMag. The Edge browser is certainly much faster than IE, however, I don't use it because they still don't have Adblock + for it.
  4. I've not had Windows as the main (I do have Vista on a dual boot laptop) OS since win2k and don't really have any regrets in moving to Linux years ago.

    As far as I can see Windows goes though good and bad versions. Vista for example is generally regarded as a bad one. XP and Win 7 seem to have good reputations.

    A debate with Window 10 and the path onwards is whether MS are going to move on to a subscription system at some point.

    If that happens, unlike with XP which a lot of people hung on to, you might find you just have to pay whenever MS want to upgrade you. If that sort of thing is true, it may be a reason for others to bale out of proprietary software. I guess only time will tell.
  5. I signed up for free upgrade.. So far I have only heard things which would make us stay away from it! Historically Microsoft's first attempt at a major version upgrade is always bad.. Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows Vista.. They all followed with stable releases.. I guess same would go with Windows 10. I will wait for a stable release.. I might try Windows 10 in a virtual machine and see what it offers.. Just being lazy in setting up the virtual machine :)
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  6. VMWare has the best and fastest virtual machines and the system is free. I have my domain servers all virtual. Only our local PCs are physical. They also have a VM player which I use on my local PC to play old games. I have Ubuntu, XP, Win98, Win7, Server 2003 (3 actually) all virtual. One VM is nothing but games (all 3 of them) :) I've been trying to get work to go thin client with VMView. It's really fast and no new hardware required. Plus patching one machine beats having to do 450 physically. (We don't use auto update, but SMS to push out approved patches.)
  7. I didn't like Windows 8 - I hated the interface.
    I'm a Vista at work and Apple man at home.
  8. I don't find this hard to believe.
  9. Yes, it is true. They track everything (even what you type) unless you specifically disable it. That was the first thing I did after it was installed. At least they do make it fairly easy to disable.
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  10. Windows 10 has mandatory data collection for the NSA.

    Would not move from W7/8 as long as you can.
  11. I prefer Windows 8.1 over 10. I have Windows 10 on my laptop and tablet, but Windows 8.1 on my desk top computer. Eventually you will have to change as it is inevitable, and they know it.
  12. Oops, double post!! :) that's Windows for you.
  13. I admit I still use Vista Business; I will need to upgrade eventually though as the extended updates are ending soon.
  14. You really believe ALL governments don't have something on you - or worse, Google! If you have a smartphone you're more tracked by sales than the NSA or MI6 could ever wish.
  15. lets see, I've had win 95, mellinium, vista, xp, 7, and now 10. and I can tell you they were all a WASTE OF MONEY.
    Did have a brief encounter with REDHAT Linux but counldn't get my head around it, but the latest Linux
    like UBUNTU are fantastic, they install very fast, are simple to operate and I understand have less problems with Viruses.
    So why did I go for WINDOWS 10,
    it was free and I had a few programs that were older windows programs I didn't want to give up yet. and the wife can use windows.
    As to privacy,
    well I can almost guarantee you that if you search for the words bombmaking or something to do with joining isis or that sort of stuff
    you will POP UP on a homeland security computer in a small cubicle,
    then a seatwarmer will do a search of your past internet, social security records etc etc,
    give you a mark out of 10,
    One being dumbo don't worry about, to ten alert all agencies go to defcon 4.
    does windows/micosoft care about me?, NO, except how they can exploit me as a lemon to squeeze more money.
    There will be a windows 11 and 12 and 13 will probably be the last,
    then after the nuclear wars we will be back on WINDOWS 3.1 for a while.
  16. I know I am NEVER going to pay money for another Windows OS: especially in the age of Big Brother.

  17. At work we have recently upgraded our computers from Vista to Windows 10.
    Personally I don't mind Windows 10; at the moment we have not experienced any issues, however only time will tell.

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