Why wait?

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  1. Why wait?

    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica]~. Do you know a procrastinator - Many of us are world class procrastinators - Our theme song comes from the movie, "Annie" - "Tomorrow"[/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica] So often we have good intentions and never get around to doing what we should and things are left undone[/FONT]

    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica]~ The story is told of a family that moved into a new community. They were promptly visited by two elders and the pastor of a nearby church who cordially invited them to attend the services on the Lord's Day. The man assured them that he would come just as soon as he got straightened out. Several months passed, and he still hadn't put in an appearance, so the minister called again and repeated his invitation. But he received the same reply. The fellow hadn't yet gotten everything straightened out, but he'd be there just as soon as he did. A few weeks later he died, and his widow asked to have the funeral services in the church. The preacher graciously agreed. It was indeed a sad affair. Later when a member of the congregation asked the pastor if the man was a Christian, he answered, "He never attended services here, and no one can recall ever hearing him give a testimony of his faith in Christ, so I can't say. I only know he was a man of his word. He promised to come to church just as soon as he got straightened out -- and he did!"[/FONT]
  2. Good Story. Thanks.

    Never put off until tomorrow what you can put off until the day after tomorrow is the philosophy of too many people. God calls us to live in the present.
  3. :D- I like a story with a punch line- yep he was strainghtened out !

    Why wait let's dive in!

    S \ Steven Curtis Chapman \ Dive
    Rom. 11:33-36; Eph. 3:16-19
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]The long awaited rains
    Have fallen hard upon the thirst ground
    And carved their way to where
    The wild and rushing river can be found
    And like the rains
    I have been carried here to where the river flows, yeah
    My heart is racihng and my knee are weak
    As I walk to the edge
    I know there is not turning back
    Once my feet have left the ledge
    And in the rush I hear a voice
    That’s telling me it’s time
    to take the leap of faith
    So here I go
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]I’m diving in, I’m going deep in over
    my head, I want to be
    Cought in the rush, lost in the flow,
    in over my head, I want to go
    The river’s deep, the river’s wide,
    the river’s water is alive
    So sink or swim, I’m diving in
  4. Yes, Brother Ray~

    .....and Beautiful, Brother Larry!


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