why they won,t repent

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  1. why they won,t repent

    God will know his betrayers.it,s a whittleing proccess.:)
  2. it's crazy how they have all this chance and yet they still don't repent...
  3. I know. It's very simple. Some people want to make like you have to basically put yourself in the blender to do it but Salvation is free for everyone. :D
  4. the blender is satan and this recycle mad world.:eek:
  5. God knows all who will reject Him..

    I think they will not repent b/c they are blinded by the devil.. they are soo sucked into the "world" that they cannot see past it long enough to realize they are lost..
  6. What about the people who aren't blinded and can see and know the truth that "think" they are saved? I can tell you that there are many more of those than the other.
  7. Sometimes it's frustrating to see people that have heard the gospel, still stay lost. I know I've experienced it. I believe that the frustration that was brought upon me encouraged me to be more patient though. It's all in God's time not ours.

    A somewhat sad statistic that I heard.. It usually takes about 7 times for a lost person to hear the gospel and become saved. This has nothing to do with what we do to show someone the Lord but just a statistic.

    I know I'm going to heaven... but the only thing that scares me about dying is the people that I will not see ever again...
  8. The Judas Iscariots?

    If you have truly come to have a relationship with Jesus Christ you won't want to go to your old ways. If they have just had an emotional experience then no, they are not truly saved. Yes, being saved can be emotional but acting on emotion does not save you but rather faith.

    Revelation clearly says what will happen to those that "think" they are saved. They will be vomited from God's own mouth.

    I spoke on that once at FCA. I used King Saul as an example of being "lukewarm".

    Knowing the truth and choosing to reject it is a whole other ball game. Thats flirting with death itself.
  9. Yeah, people that have accepted him a long time ago and that haven't been faithful in reading the word and seeking him. They go through life with the assuption that what they did a while ago will cover them forever without any real change in direction.

    These people are "nice" people they follow the rules and they live with 1 foot in this world and 1 in the next. They attend church every sunday and give 10% of everything they take in.

    As soon as they get out of church they go pick up a bunch of lottery tickets and go visit their friends who aren't church goers and don't speak to anyone about anything concerning the church or faith.

    They raise their kids in the same manner with no real change in life style. No conviction to do His work or any real attempt to seek out what He has purposed them for.

    Will this person be saved?
  10. we need to worship with spirit at the end.:groupray:
  11. I would rather not take the chance that my hardening my heart up until the end won't force God to harden my heart AT the end.

    Live in the spirit and we won't have any doubt.

    The point of my post previous to this one is that they were probably saved at one point but over time they left God and walked away from the faith that had originally saved them. God promises to never leave us but that doesn't mean we can't walk away from God. If at one time in your life you knew you were saved but then for a long period of time did nothing to feed the faith that saved you, it might be that you have left your faith and left your God behind.

    After living like this for years a person will find it hard to find their way back to Him with any real certainty because the person never realized at what point they actually seperated from God. It's all a grey area of dellusion and illusion enforced by the enemy to delay and discourage your return to faith in God. This time during that persons life is full of doubt and even though they might be able to understand the truth they may not be able to hear Gods call very clearly because of the time spent in the grey area in between a life in the spirit and a life outside the grace of God.

    It does get confusing at times.

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