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  1. Hi there! My name is Shawn. I'm a 27 year old Army Medic, husband to a beautiful wife, father to a 3 year old boy and 1 year old little girl. I'm originally from near Cleveland Ohio, but am currently stationed at Fort Benning Georgia.

    I'm currently a student at Southwestern Assemblies of God University, with a Pastoral/Chaplain career in mind (majoring in Bible & Theology). I wouldn't mind being a professor of theological studies at some point, and intend on pursuing my Masters in Divinity and eventually a Doctorate in Theology.

    I was raised in the Assemblies of God, was extremely active in the Royal Rangers program there growing up. I fell away from my faith after my first deployment to Iraq, and went through a pretty rough patch of alcoholism, sexual promiscuity and drugs, brought on by depression from undiagnosed (at the time) PTSD. I was an Infantryman back then, but when I met my wife I changed jobs to something more helpful (medic).

    Anyhow, I have a strong interest in modern apologetics, and study topics related to the rational defense of Christianity intensely. Its kind of my passion, aside from my love of the Lord and my family.

    I've tried a few other "Christian" forums out, and most of them seem to be comprised of atheists who want to stir up hateful fighting, or worse yet Christians who want to tear each other down. I'm really hoping this place is different :)
  2. We used to have a majority membership from the AoG, or at least, that's what it seemed to me. I welcome you to our site. We've had a few issues recently with some arguing, but we are actively working to return to our core paradigm as a "friendly, Christian only community". There may still be some dust in the air from the construction crews, but God is working here, and Christ is always welcome.
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  3. Welcome to the site! :)
  4. Woooo Hoooo!! Hey welcome my brother from another mother to CFS! Kik ur shoes off and relax here under the grace of GOD
    hey I'll throw an extra chili on the grill for ya heheeh We r hot for God ....yesssssssssssss!
  5. Welcome, MoG. Reflecting the reality of any sincere Christian's growth, this site is always a work in progress, but our desire is to encourage you in your faith walk and build you up.

    My daughter is currently serving in the Army reserves as a linguist. I spent 10 - 12 years in the AG denomination and learned a lot during that time.
  6. Thanks!

    Mmmm chili. I'll definitely take some of that Brother!
    MoG is just an acronym for Man of God, so if you want to call me Starr or Shawn either one, those work too :)

    If its not prying too much, why the shift from the AG, and also where did you end up? I've been giving a lot of thought to looking into going non-denom when I get ordained and such.
  7. I can't say. Well, I could say, if I knew. For the most part, I was on a bit of a sabbatical and when I returned, I saw fewer of the AoG members that I used to know. I think it's probably just the nature of the people that come and go on the Internet. I'm not sure where we "ended up", but I know that the denominational shift appears to be more non-denom or Baptist from my point of view, though that could be just a perception. As a moderator, we get a bit of a different view because we are looking for problems and sometimes miss the details.

    As for ordination, I suggest that you go where God leads you. I've found, that when God calls, He provides. You must certainly go where your Spirit guides you, and you should be ordained in the same denomination in which you plan to minister, and which most closely matches your personal understanding of Scripture.
  8. [quote"]
    MoG is just an acronym for Man of God, so if you want to call me Starr or Shawn either one, those work too :)

    If its not prying too much, why the shift from the AG, and also where did you end up? I've been giving a lot of thought to looking into going non-denom when I get ordained and such.[/quote]

    It's kinda hard to explain fully, but I felt like my time with that church and that denomination had come to an end, that God was leading me in other directions. That is not a repudiation or belittling of the denomination, but we know that God is bigger than any given denomination and I feel God is (at least for the time being) taking me other places. I haven't really "ended up", yet. I am currently seeking my next church home after too long a hiatus and am currently leaning toward a local Baptist church or a local Evangelical Free, since I have some familiarity and history with those denominations and have visited both of those local congregations specifically. I attended a local Vineyard church for a time, but didn't find it a good fit. I don't think that was a denominational issue, but an issue of the personalities, direction, and emphasis of that particular congregation. So, we'll see where I end up. All I know is that I want to be plugged in, serving God.
  9. Hi Shawn, welcome to CFS.

    I was in the AoG for some time, but now head up an independent ministry. Nothing against the AoG, just God led me in a different direction.

    All the best with your studies, but let me urge you not to get so bogged down with the theoretical that you lose touch with the dynamic reality of ministry (I speak as one who in some ways would find it very easy to become an "ivory tower" academic.)

    Look forward to sharing with you on the forums.


  10. Welcome to the forums Shawn, glad to have you aboard :)
  11. Hey Shawn!
    Welcome to the Forums!
  12. Welcome Shawn,

    With your interest in modern apologetics and rational defense (I prefer explanation as God does not need us to defend Him, rather vice versa.:)) of Christianity we might have some very interesting discussions for people to sit in on. If you check out my "Islandbard" YouTube channel you'll see I am very much on that wavelength also.

    I fellowship with a local Baptist Church at the moment but am a follower of Christ not a follower of the Baptist Church or any other denomination. I belong to, serve, and obey Christ alone (or at least try to:)) but I value fellowship with those who try to do likewise or seek to.

    Can't guarantee there are not a few atheists, or those who only have the outward appearance of godliness, lurking around. Indeed I'd be highly surprised if there weren't. But being an ex atheist myself I know the Lord may be working in their lives even if they do not know it yet. It is behaviour that is the key and the moderators here on CFS seem to be fairly good at .... moderating. I too have been on a few of those other forums but am pleased to say CFS is one of the better run forums I have come across.

    I'm an Aussie by the way. Hopefully will catch up some more around the forums.

    Regards Misty

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