Why Doesn't God Do Something?

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by Dusty, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. Why Doesn't God Do Something?

    Haven't we all asked this question ? I have . Unlike David in this passage in Psalm 10 :1-18 we are not so different today .

    " Why , O Lord , do you stand far off ? Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble ?"

    As David complains to God , he is telling about the evil in society . The wicked who scheme and prosper , while the righteous suffer.

    My Observation :

    God will punish evil at the proper time , until then, He will protect us .

    Hard though it may be we must have patience with the patience of God . God does not work our way . He tells us our ways are not His ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts.... Isaiah 55:8 ....so even though I am big enough to ask questions .... I am still not big enough to know all the answers . Only God is big enough .

    God's promise concerning the Word .... The Lord's words are pure .... Psalm 18:30

    Everything the Lord does is RIGHT .... Psalm 145 :17

    Hosea's conclusion was if we have understanding and wisdom we will take these things to heart. The Lord's ways are right .... Hosea 14 :9
  2. Amen Dusty!

    I don't always understand God's patience, but my faith must always trust it.

  3. Have a look at Micah 7:7 too... Dusty - Note my signature :)
  4. Amen !

    There are just too many times I prayed and told God, He is too great for my understanding, but I trust completely in Him, so I rest my worries and am freed knowing He has a plan set for every stuggle in life.

    I am always at awe in the presence of the Lord. He amazes me at all times! Alleluia

  5. Thanks Andre ....

    Yes your signature says it all as well ... God Bless .
  6. Exactly God's ways are perfect as Andre has said . Sometimes we want to question God . But who are we to question when he is the Alpha and Omega ... The beginning and the end . He is all seeing all knowing and ever present . Wow , What a Mighty God we serve , Awesome indeed. No words can ever dsecribe his Bigness .
  7. Amen .... trust is what He asks and when we learn to surrender all to Him and put our hope and trust in OUr Almighty God and Heavenly Father , that is when will begin to see miracles in our lives.

    Psalm 9:10
    Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.

    Psalm 13:5
    But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation.

  8. Sometimes we go through hard times and God lets it happen. In the end it only strengthens us and our faith.

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