why did Jesus cry out to God?

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  1. why did Jesus cry out to God?

    "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"
    hope this isn't a dof question but why did Jesus cry this out to God?
    Did Jesus want God to come rescue him?
    Did Jesus think God chose to forsaken him?
    Did Jesus know exactly what he was born to do?(did Jesus know what he had to go through)
    God bless:)
  2. oogii:

    Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani? from the Hebrew means, "My God, my God, why hath thou forsaken me?

    When Christ made that pronouncement from the Cross - He was TEACHING. Remember, He never, ever called God - God. He always called God - Father.

    I'd like you to go to your King James Version Bible and look at Psalm 22:1 (KJV) in the Old Testament or just click on the highlight <.

    Then, please go to Matthew 27:46 (KJV) and compare the two texts.

    Psalm 22 was written by King David approximately 1000 years before Christ was Crucified. Psalm 22 details the events of Christ's Crucifixion right down to the description of the Roman legions casting lots (dice) for Christ's clothing. Compare that part of Psalm 22 with the wording in Matthew 27:35 (KJV).

    When Christ said those same words from the Cross, that King David had written 1000 years earlier, he was reminding everyone who was present to witness His death, that He was, in fact, the Messiah and the Son of God.... teaching from the Cross to His very last earthly breath.

    In Matthew 27:50-54 (KJV) it mentions that at the moment of Christ's earthly death, that the veil (curtain) in theTemple Sanctuary was torn top to bottom on it's own. It was then that he Roman officials realized that they had killed the Messiah and were distraught by their actions.

    I hope that helps you to better understand Christ's message on the Cross and His task of teaching His Gospel right to the very end of His life here on Earth.

    May God bless.
  3. This was also a a moment of great torment for Jesus as He was seperated (as He bore our sin) for the first time ever from the Fathers's presence.
  4. Yes remember the punishment for sin is Hell. Jesus entered Hell at this point to bear the punishment for our sins. The Father ressurected him three days later and allowed him to ascend into Heaven.
  5. I think these are the best answers!:)
  6. I'm not sure which to believe. Maybe Larry's explanation.
    Gary's also makes sense, such as to prove more signs of the Messiah.

    I believe He called God a few times "God" but maybe not directly :p such as My God.
  7. I believe Jesus was pointing to the fact that he is the Messiah and the fulfillment of the prophesy by drawing attention to Psalms.

    Did Jesus want God to come rescue him?
    Jesus prayed in the garden just before being arrested - he knew he had to be crucified.

    Did Jesus think God chose to forsaken him?
    Did Jesus know exactly what he was born to do?(did Jesus know what he had to go through)

    Jesus told his disciples what was going to happen, including rising in 3 days and ascending to the Father

    Jesus knew ahead of time. I believe he was pointing to the fulfillment of the prophecy.
  8. Yeah, in John when He told the Pharisees I believe to take down this temple and He will raise it up in 3 days, talking about His own body =)
  9. I may be wrong but this sounds to me like you feel that you need to choose which explanation is correct. Our Fathers words to us are both literal and symbolic, so I see no reason to think that all of these explanations can't be equally correct. :)
  10. You do have a point there. There is truth in that brother. :)
  11. We were taught in Good News here on the reservation that God cannot know death, because He's eternal. So before the point of Jesus' death, a separation had to take place, like Bo said. This was the first time that Christ was separated from God, the time when all of our sins were paid for. This was painful and dark, being away from God, even more torturous than the physical torture that He had to endure, and that's when He cried out.:(

    He must really love us, huh?:)

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