Why Did God Promise ?

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  1. Why Did God Promise ?

    2 Peter 3:13

    13But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, the home of righteousness.

    Did you ever wonder why God promised a new Heaven and a new earth ?

    God desires to do somthing new every day and we can just take creation for example . As we see the seasons change .... each season is new and fresh take Spring for example . We can see all the trees that looked dead all winter suddenly bud and come alive with fresh greeery , the grass turn green , and spring flowers come forth .

    God Gives us new mercies every day Isaiah 43:19-21.

    19 See, I am doing a new thing!
    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
    I am making a way in the desert
    and streams in the wasteland.
    20 The wild animals honor me,
    the jackals and the owls,
    because I provide water in the desert
    and streams in the wasteland,
    to give drink to my people, my chosen, 21 the people I formed for myself
    that they may proclaim my praise.

    As we commune with Him every day God gives us great news from the Bible .

    So back to the question about the promise .... The Lord looks down on our present situation and the way this world is growing in corruption and He is not pleased . That is why He has promised us a new heaven and new earth

    What a wonderful expectation and promise we have In Him
  2. Yes, it is wonderful to anticipate the coming of the Lord.

    I remember this old hymn we sang in church when I was young:

    What a day that will be, when my Jesus, I shall see. When I look upon His face, the One who saved me by His Grace. Then He'll take me by the hand and lead me to the promise land. Oh what a day, glorious day that will be.

    I have a question. My Mom told me that if we pray and believe, God promises us our household. She takes that to mean, that if she prays hard enough for her family, they will come back to the Lord before he comes. Can anyone tell me if that's what the Bible says and means?

    Nice post Dusty. I really enjoyed reading it this morning.

  3. I indeed look forward to that day. A new Heaven and new Earth. There is so much corruption and unrighteous here on this earth that since God himself is going to be on earth with us he cannot live with us on a earth full of Sin and corruption. He will redo this Earth that has been tainted by the Devil. Oh, what a mighty day that will be.

    A good reminder,

  4. after reading revelation it dont seem like there will be much earth left :D

    yeah this earth is corrupted and God will give us the incorruptable. It wont be long now..keep looking up and always be ready.

  5. YES, I believe we are closer than we think.


  6. Yes we are dated cause I remember that song as well . And yes the vese that you are looking for is here and your mom is right .

    Acts 16:31

    31They replied, "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household."

  7. Thank you Dusty...but this is what I question about it. The scripture says you and your household. What if they aren't in your household anymore, but out on their own?

    I think really, all I can do is keep praying for my children and hope that the Lord brings them home before His return.
  8. Amen .... They were once your household so I believe it still has the same meaning and of course we must pray for our loved ones all the time . Claim that promise and say to the Lord when you pray . Thank you Lord that me and my household will be saved . Everything is in God's timing not ours .
  9. truly beautiful Dusty!

    well put, everyday is new and a gift, everything in this world belongs to the creator and i praise HIS Holy name! Thank you LORD for your beauty and mercy...


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