Who Says Blindness Is A Handicap?

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  1. Who Says Blindness Is A Handicap?

    I am legally blind. I drew Social Security Disability in Virginia when I lived there based on my blindness. When I moved to Mississippi, I learned that I could not draw disability checks from Social Security because the state of Mississippi does not recognize blindness as a handicap!

    Does this mean I can now get my Driver's License?
  2. :D:DHe he ... Hey some people drive like they're blind a:Dnyways.
  3. I actually have a picture of me behind the wheel of a vehicle, but cannot post it yet.
  4. If the brainless powers that be, say that blindness isn't a handicap, then why not 'go the whole hog' and learn to fly.:D
  5. Now, there's a thought! Ya reckon my leader dog will mind riding on the wing so he can bark to warn me when I approach flocks of geese or approaching aircraft?
  6. I think I can post a picture now, so as promised... me behind the wheel!
  7. I would use the leader dog when behind the wheel, but it can only run so fast.
  8. Hahahahahahaahhahahaaa...Now, that's funny.

  9. Hmm- perhaps you should move to Louisiana. :) Just be careful on the drive over.:D
  10. Those who made this law in Mississippi must be incredibly beautiful people - they obviously weren't hired for their intelligence or common sense!

    You should move to Australia. Here in Oz, blind people are not only entitled to a pension, unlike other pensions theirs is not subject to a means test.

    Definition of bureaucracy:

    The greatest possible number of people
    Taking the longest possible time
    To achieve the least possible results
    With the greatest possible confusion


  11. My wife and I were dumbfounded when we were told I could no longer receive my disability checks because of my blindness.

    Government here is really strange. When first I moved to Mississippi, I went to the DMV to exchange my North Carolina DMV State ID Card for a Mississippi DMV State ID Card. We were told there that to get the Mississippi ID, I would have to present to them my Social Security Card and my Birth Certificate. I did not have them.

    I went to the local Social Security office to apply for a replacement Social Security Card and was informed I could not get it without my Birth Certificate which was lost.

    The Social Security Card contains only the applicant's Social Security Number and his/her name. No more information on the bearer of the card. They would not give me the Social Security Card, but... they would give me a Medicare Card which included not only my name and Social Security Number, but also the fact that I have both Medicare A and B.

    It is funny they would not give me one card with name and Social Security Number on it, but would give me another card with the exact same information. ROFL

    You gotta love the government. Their excuse for not giving the Social Security Card? Homeland Security.

    (Two years later, I was able to obtain my Birth Certificate and SS Card)
  12. wow sounds like the american Govt is an abolute joke (though the cdn govt is getting to that point...)
  13. The American Government is a joke anymore.

    Medicaid does not provide needed medical coverage as it did 15 years ago.

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