Who can bring me down,when He is on my side?

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  1. Who can bring me down,when He is on my side?

    This can be found on my blog,but I just want to share it =)
    It came to me suddenly,when I was reflecting on my life and realized there was a friend I never thought of,until I was in need.Yet he never gave up on me.

    Where are the people you call friends,
    When you truly need them?
    Where do lonely people go,
    When they feel oh-so-sad?
    Where do the abandoned go,
    When they finally can't hold back their tears anymore?

    Even if no one wants me,
    I have a special friend.
    Though the world may one day forsake me,
    He will always be mine.
    When I am lonely,
    All I need is my quiet time.
    When I am sad,
    He will be my listening ear.
    No matter how many times I disappoint Him,
    He will be forever faithful.
    His name is Jesus.

    I was lost,now I am found.
    I need no other love,
    None other than His.
  2. That was really, really cool, Amanda! I don't think I could ever write poetry that way. You should consider using in a paper at school sometime. You have real talent! :p Bonnie
  3. for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. :)

  4. Thanks :D
    Btw,I am on the school mag.haha.Just a pity that they do not allow religious views :X

  5. Sounds familiar! which verse is that? :D

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