Who Am I

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  1. Who Am I

    I love you Jesus for all that you have done.

  2. Not because of Who I am, But because of What you've done...
    Not because of what I've done, But Because of who you are!

    Wow, I loved that, Thank you ! :D

    I love you for all you are and all you have done, Jesus.
  3. Love this song. Currently my Myspace profile song, and always listening to it on my ipod/CD player/computer, etc etc.

    Also currently loving In Me by Casting Crowns. Very deep.
  4. Thats very strange that you posted this..because I turned on the song Casting Crowns- Who Am I. The moment I did I saw this thread haha
  5. I just love this song, it really is good, So i had to buy it from iTunes, Then see the popularity is extremely high. :)
    And listening to some samples to other songs, I'm very tempted to buy the CD!
  6. Buy both their CDs, there isn't a bad song on them. While you're at it, buy the Casting Crowns book as well. Is one of the most deep things I've ever read, and I've learnt a lot from it. It's called Lifestories, and talkings about where the songs come from and what they mean. Simply gripping.

    Casting Crowns new album out on the 28th of August. Woop woop woop!
  7. I really like this band, but I know that every time I try to listen to their CDs I kinda zone out. And really, I just want to play Who am I? and If we are the body over and over again.
  8. I like all of Casting Crowns songs. :D
  9. When you listen to them, try and have nothing else distracting you, or listen to the same songs on repeat for a while. Try and meditate on the words, because there's a lot you can learn from them and apply to life.
  10. This song is just soooo awesome !
    Im addicted to this song !
    Its hard to explain, you got to really listen to the words.
    Words of truth. And think how they reflect your life.

    This is awesome! :)
  11. think the lyrics over and over again.read the kjv over and over again first.and please read the original.
  12. Who Am I Lyrics

    Who am I?
    That the Lord of all the earth,
    Would care to know my name,
    Would care to feel my hurt.
    Who am I?
    That the bright and morning star,
    Would choose to light the way,
    For my ever wandering heart.

    Not because of who I am,
    But because of what you've done.
    Not because of what I've done,
    But because of who you are.

    I am a flower quickly fading,
    Here today and gone tomorrow,
    A wave tossed in the ocean,
    A vapor in the wind.
    Still you hear me when I'm calling,
    Lord, you catch me when I'm falling,
    And you've told me who I am.
    I am yours.
    I am yours.

    Who am I?
    That the eyes that see my sin
    Would look on me with love
    And watch me rise again.
    Who am I?
    That the voice that calmed the sea,
    Would call out through the rain,
    And calm the storm in me.

    Bridge&Chorus 2x

    I am yours.

    Whom shall I fear?
    Whom shall I fear?
    'Cause I am yours.
    I am yours.
  13. That's kinda what I end up doing. I like a number of their songs, but I usually get stuck on those two over and over again. I just can't hear them enough, and I play Who Am I on my guitar all the time when I'm warming up.

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