White lies

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  1. I am preaty sure that there is a story in the old testament where someone lied about his wife being his sister so that the king wouldn't kill him and take her for himself.

    Anyway, once you look into both old and new testaments would you say that lying is ever justified?

    I supose if you look at undercover police operations, deffence forces, secret services who keep our countries safe it might seem justified.
  2. A lie is telling a falsehood with the intent to deceive a person who had the right to know the truth. But with that, to lie is to speak or act against the truth in order to lead someone into error.

    I'm sure someone in this thread would bring up what many Christians did in order to protect the Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe. Even further, the pope of that time (Pius XII) had false baptismal certificates created for the Jews which resulted in tens of thousands of lives saved. Consider also today, the organization Live Action goes undercover into abortion clinics with hidden cameras to expose what is said and takes place inside.

    Both of these cases are actions that have full intention of uncovering things that violate the truth.
  3. Abram and Rahab lied in the old testiment ............ Not sure if white lie, fib, or anything short of truth is anything less than a lie.


    There are only two paths to travel
    right and wrong
    just and unjust
    righteous and unrighteous.
    Regardless of what name you give them
    they are Godly
    Between the two there is nothing
    gray area
    allowances for any person
    Nothing short of the will of God
    can ever be or turn in to anything Godly
    The path of a Godly person is narrow
    every choice in their life is an intersection
    fork in the road
    with only two options
    I fall short under my power
    Thank You Jesus for Your love
    being my salvation
    The only way for anyone to do Gods will
    through Holy Spirit
    Whom You sent me

    Thank You Jesus!
  4. Abraham, I read somewhere, was married to his half sister - so he didn't exactly lie. He meant to deceive tho and God sent a dream to the king to rectify what the deception could have led to. Rahab, who eventually became part of the Patriarchal bloodline leading to Christ was not yet part of the people of God when she lied.
    I have found that there is always a good/beneficial way to tell the truth. Rely on God, rather than reach for the convenient little lie....I don't necessarily believe omission is an outright lie. And people who indulge in "brutal" truth are generally lying and not really speaking truth either. Calling in sick and describing fake symptoms is what I call stupid lies.
  5. So they did not lie?...... possably a fib or a white lie or a little one........ They lied
  6. I'm not sure which you are referring to? If Abraham said his wife was his sister -he did not lie. My God is all about truth and that is what I follow. In my lexicon - lies are doors to evil for whatever reason you use to lie. It's a sin and if you do it, you should repent, ask for forgiveness, and try not to sin any more. Simple - no?

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